A Warm Welcome to the New Year

Alex Harrington ’19

The new year is officially underway! Even with the bittersweet itch of senior year, I am beyond excited to return to work at the English Department. My three years here have seen gleeful hellos and heartbroken goodbyes. I’m honored to offer you our own gleeful hello as we welcome this semester’s newsletter staff. On the editing team this year we have Laura Berglund ’20, and Miriam Moore-Keish ’19, along with myself and Jen Katz ’19 as a dynamic duo of Senior Newsletter Editors. …Enjoy these brief introductions to our team… 

The Human Rights Novel: a new book by Professor James Dawes

Laura Berglund ’20

The Novel of Human Rights coverOn Thursday, September 20th, members of the English Department and the larger campus community gathered at Common Good Books to celebrate the release of Professor James Dawes’s new book, The Novel of Human Rights.

This book is unlike Professor Dawes’s previous work, which centered on victims and perpetrators of human rights violations as well as the human rights workers who address these violations. It discusses the relationships between literature and how societies commit, enable or respond to this type of crime… Read more about Professor Dawes’s new novel

Internship Spotlight

Miriam Moore-Keish ’19

You’re sitting in the middle of Kagin Commons, trying to get that last bit of reading or that final sentence of your response paper finished, when a tour guide wanders in reciting off the same statistics you hear every day, “33% of Mac students complete an internship for credit before graduating…This past academic year, 396 students from 30 academic disciplines interned in areas ranging from fine arts to nonprofits, from education to government and business… We’ll talk about dorms in a moment, so if you could please save those questions for later.” … Read about Bethany Catlin’s internship

A Postcard from Professor Geng

Jen Katz ’19

Headshot of Professor GengAs students, faculty, and staff returned to the English Department this fall, one face was notably missing: Professor Penelope Geng, who specializes in early modern literature. Professor Geng is on sabbatical this year and will spend the spring conducting research at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California through the prestigious Francis Beacon Foundation Fellowship… Read more about Professor Geng’s travels


Alex Harrington ’19

Sam Greenstein '19We are more than pleased to share the first installment of this year’s creative writing spotlight. Our October feature comes from Sam Greenstein ’19. Sam is a senior Creative Writing major who hails from Minnetonka, Minnesota. They are passionate about making creative work that both challenges the reader and lets them know that they aren’t alone… Read Sam’s poem

Newsletter Staff
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Alex Harrington ’19
Jen Katz ’19

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Laura Berglund ’20
Miriam Moore-Keish ’19

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Ben LeBlanc ’20