Sophie Hilker ’20

The Words is pleased to announce that for our inaugural 2019-2020 issue, we will be showcasing the work of Jessi-Alex Brandon ’20.

Jessi-Alex ’20 is a senior German Studies and International Studies double major and Linguistics minor. They were born in Germany but spent the majority of their life in small town Alabama (Roll Tide!) They’ve always loved writing and experimenting with putting common life experiences into poetic wording, and this year is the first time in a long time they found the courage to share their work with others. Their favorite book at the moment is “The Girl Who Can Move Sh*t with her Mind” by Jackson Frost (although they’ve yet to finish it), and their favorite poet is Alok Menon.

Please enjoy Jessi-Alex’s poems!

You know that feeling?

Nostalgia is a lot like going into a city that you’ve only been in
once, but you’re convinced you grew up in it.

Or maybe…it’s more like that song
you used to sing along to on the radio
playing softly in the restaurant
you’re eating out in
you pick up juuust enough
to get the bass
not enough to remember the lyrics, but
that warm, bubbly feeling still rises in your gut
and you smile a bit as the memories come
flooding in 

Nostalgia is looking at your life
as if it’s a scene from your favorite movie
that you rewind over
and over
and over

When a voice feels like church bells
or a hug a well-worn hoodie
When home is not just in a person
or a place
but also a moment in time. 

I hope when my friends think of me
They feel nostalgic too. 

Golden Hour 

Did you know there was a time of day
When you could see what honey would look like
If it was drizzled over a building
Or the Great Lawn?
When every person looks a bit sweeter
Than usual
And their faces glow in a way
Only genuine smiles
Could copy.
Dusts of pollen sprinkled in the air
And onto the hair
Of the people around you
And your furry friend
As it rests softly by the window.
Hot honey soothes the soul
Just like it soothes a throat