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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is Macalester’s overall governance body. The board does not actively manage the college on a daily basis but delegates that responsibility to the president. The board’s primary responsibilities are to hire and evaluate the president; set broad policy and goals for the college and evaluate its performance against those goals; actively participate in fund raising and philanthropic support to advance the college’s mission; approve the president’s tenure decisions; and oversee college financial affairs and investments.


Carrie Norbin Killoran ’94 P’27, Chair
Robin Jackson Colman ’78, Vice Chair
Gregory A. “Greg” Thompson ’84, Vice Chair
Gloria Perez ’88, Secretary
Amy Pahl ’90, Treasurer


Carrie Norbin Killoran ’94 P’27, Chair
  • Carrie Norbin Killoran ’94 P’27, Chair
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Kofi Amoo-Gottfried ’01
  • Kofi Amoo-Gottfried ’01
  • Chief Marketing Officer, DoorDash; South Orange, New Jersey
S D “Decker” Anstrom ’72
  • S D “Decker” Anstrom ’72
  • Retired Media Company Chairman/CEO; Former Ambassador; Washington, DC
Jennifer Brahm P’20
  • Jennifer Brahm P’20
  • Community Volunteer; San Francisco, California
Karen J. Brasel ’87
  • Karen J. Brasel ’87
  • Professor of Surgery, Division of Trauma, Critical Care and Acute Care Surgery, Oregon Health and Science University; Lake Oswego, Oregon
Robin Jackson Colman ’78
  • Robin Jackson Colman ’78
  • Retired Vice President, Compensation and Benefits, eBay; Pasadena, California
Mihir Desai ’90
  • Mihir Desai ’90
  • President and Chief Executive Officer, Dexis Incorporated; Washington, DC
Edward G. “Ed” Deutschlander ’93 P’22
  • Edward G. “Ed” Deutschlander ’93 P’22
  • Chief Executive Officer, Northstar Resource Group; Lakeway, Texas
Thomas Dohrmann ’92
  • Thomas Dohrmann ’92
  • Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company; Washington, DC
Edward Donkor ’04
  • Edward Donkor ’04
  • Partner, Apax Partners; London, United Kingdom/New York, New York
Matthew K. “Matt” Entenza ’83
  • Matthew K. “Matt” Entenza ’83
  • Founder, Entenza Law Firm PLLC; Saint Paul, Minnesota
Broderick C. “Rick” Grubb ’73
  • Broderick C. “Rick” Grubb ’73
  • Owner, BRK Insurance Group, LLC; New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Meloni Hallock ’70
  • Los Angeles, California
Patricia E. “Liz” Hume ’92
  • Patricia E. “Liz” Hume ’92
  • Attending Physician, San Francisco Free Clinic; Mill Valley, California
Aukse Jurkute ’98
  • Aukse Jurkute ’98
  • Bank of America; London, United Kingdom
Andrew Kaufteil ’01
  • Andrew Kaufteil ’01
  • Senior Vice President, Strategic Communications, Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health; Oakland, California
Seth J. Levine ’94
  • Seth J. Levine ’94
  • Co-Founder and Principal, Foundry; Longmont, Colorado
Sonny Lulla ’93
  • Sonny Lulla ’93
  • Co-Founder and Managing Member, Franklin Park; Pasadena, California
Dana Mortenson
  • Dana Mortenson
  • Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, World Savvy; Minneapolis, Minnesota
Amy Pahl ’90
  • Amy Pahl ’90
  • Principal and Consulting Actuary, Milliman; Hampton, Minnesota
Gloria Perez ’88
  • Gloria Perez ’88
  • Chief Executive Officer, Women’s Foundation of Minnesota; Minneapolis, Minnesota
Suzanne M. Rivera (ex officio)
  • Suzanne M. Rivera (ex officio)
  • President, Macalester College; St. Paul, Minnesota
Tyler Robinson ’93
  • Tyler Robinson ’93
  • Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP; London, United Kingdom
Paul J. Strand ’71
  • Paul J. Strand ’71
  • Retired Dean, College of Arts and Letters, San Diego State University; San Diego, California
Elona Street-Stewart P’99
  • Elona Street-Stewart P’99
  • Synod Executive, Synod of Lakes and Prairies; Saint Paul, Minnesota
Gregory A. “Greg” Thompson ’84
  • Gregory A. “Greg” Thompson ’84
  • Executive Director, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs, Health Care Service Corporation; Chicago, Illinois
Missy Staples Thompson ’80 P’17
  • Missy Staples Thompson ’80 P’17
  • Community Leader; Saint Paul, Minnesota
Zia Yusuf ’91
  • Zia Yusuf ’91
  • Senior Advisor, Boston Consulting Group; Palo Alto, California

2024-2025 Board of Trustees Liaisons

Gabe Karsh ’25, Student Liaison
Evanston, Illinois

Sara Runchey P’26, Parent Council Liaison
Marshall, Minnesota

Diane Saber ’78, Alumni Board Liaison
Kildeer, Illinois