It takes experience and understanding of other cultures to change the world. Whatever your area of study, your passion, your plan to make a difference, there’s a program somewhere in the world for you. Mac students study away for 15 weeks—providing time for substantial experience and a chance to really understand another culture.

51 COUNTRIES TO CHOOSE FROM, ON EVERY CONTINENT EXCEPT ANTARCTICA Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Bolivia Botswana Brazil Cameroon Chile China Costa Rica Cuba Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador England France Germany Ghana Greece Hungary India Ireland Israel Italy Japan Jordan Madagascar Mexico Mongolia Morocco Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Northern Ireland Norway Peru Russia Scotland Senegal Serbia Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden Tanzania Thailand Turkey Vietnam

  • 95

    Number of programs available.

  • 50

    Number of countries to choose from, on every continent except Antarctica.

  • 60

    Percentage of Mac students who study abroad for 15 weeks.