30th Annual International Roundtable
Humanoids? Exploring the future of human freedom, ethics, knowledge, and relationships.

October 11, 12, and 13, 2023

Four people in grayscale sewing a rectangular grid colored with light pink, magenta, and lime green. A drone flies overhead.

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This theme will inspire reflection on the evolving role of virtual worlds, artificial intelligence, and automation with respect to our identities as laborers, artists, and producers of knowledge. In what ways do such advances free, or complicate, an individual’s relationships to human society locally, nationally, or transnationally? Will technological advances solve social issues or replicate them? Who controls the development of such technologies and what are the ethical implications of limiting or promoting their use?

The 2023 International Round table provides a venue for invited speakers and community members to engage with questions about human beings, and the future of being human.


Global Citizenship Award Ceremony

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