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Global Citizenship Student Award

The Global Citizenship Student Award (GCSA) is presented every April by Macalester College and the Kofi Annan Institute for Global Citizenship to the graduating seniors who best demonstrates a commitment to the ideals and practice of high academic performance, internationalism, multiculturalism, and civic engagement. This may be demonstrated through student work in a broad range of majors and disciplines, and the selection committee hopes the applicant pool will reflect diverse representation from the Humanities, Sciences, Fine Arts, and Social Sciences. Candidates must be nominated by a Macalester faculty or staff member.  However, students who feel they are strong candidates may approach a faculty or staff to discuss their interest and request a nomination for the award.

(left to right) Victor Wright, Tema Zulu, and Tala Tabishat each won the Global Citizenship Student Award during the spring of 2023.

2023: Victor Wright, Tema Zulu, Tala Tabishat

2022: Juan Galicia-Diaz, Maya Lawnicki, Alexander Thomas

2021: Chiagoziem Anigbogu, Wanda Barradas, Ana Gvozdic

2020: Phuong Nguyen, Nahla Almbaid, and Ikran Sheikh-Mursal

2019: Erika Aguiluz Ramirez, Cuauhtemoc Cruz Herrera, and Arnold Sanginga

2018: Kevin Xiong, Tasneem Issa, Miranda Harris

2017: Farah AlHaddad, Xing Gao, and Georgia Gempler

2016: Mariah Carray, Hawi Tilahune, Justin Rasmussen

2015: Anne Gavin. Christine Ohenewah, Gabrielle Queenan

2014: Lily Alexander, Zack Avre, and Jocelyne Cardona

2013: Rebecca Jackson, Cecilia Martinez-Miranda, and Abas Noor

2012: Shahar Eberzhon

2011: Needham Hurst

2010: Westenley Alcenat