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Building Communities of Insurgent Learning Among Diverse Undergraduate Scholars

“Insurgent learning draws from convivial practices that celebrate locally rooted wisdoms…. [It] subverts and transcends state and corporate strategies that convert knowledge production into an artificial system of meritocracy and commodified knowledge for the purpose of social control.”

The Convivial Research and Insurgent Learning (CRIL) taller
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“The way we do higher education must change.” –Dian Squire, Bianca Williams, and Frank Tuitt, “Plantation Politics on Today’s Campuses,” 

Inside Higher Ed (August 28, 2020)

The IGC houses several programs and fellowships that share the mission of transforming the Macalester campus and academia by centering the experiences, knowledge, unique visions and intellectual contributions of students of color. Some of these are unique to campus (Field Changers) or to the region (the ACM programs, GSEF  and GRADx); others are national (Mellon Mays). Most connect students with faculty and alumni networks that encourage them to pursue doctoral degrees in the humanities. All of these IGC programs build cohorts for sustained, deep change-making that begins on campus and moves beyond, with their research, employment, and engagements with broader educational settings and communities. 

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Programs and Fellowships

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