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Ben Kaufman ’16

Assistant Director, Admissions
Alumni Engagement Liaison

Weyerhaeuser Hall

He, Him, His

Why I chose Admissions
I got into Admissions work because I wanted to help guide prospective students to a college that is the right fit for them. I remember my own college search process fondly and recall how useful it was for me to connect with my regional Admissions reps for more information and resources about the colleges I was considering. My goal is to be on the giving end of this process and to provide insight into the world of college.

Community Involvement
Prior to my work in Admissions, I spent one year on an AmeriCorps term of service with College Possible. During that year I worked with high school juniors from underrepresented populations to prepare them for their college search journeys and to prepare them to be successful once they get to college. 

Favorite time of year at Mac
My favorite time of year at Mac is the first snow of the winter season. It’s awesome to see folks outside embracing the elements here in Minnesota and it’s a lot of fun to see some of our students get their first real experience with snow!

Love about the Twin Cities
I love how Saint Paul and Minneapolis are two distinct cities, with their own personalities and histories, yet they form one cohesive metropolitan area. The dynamic of the Twin Cities makes for a lot of cultural growth and learning. There are plenty of opportunities to discover what makes this place so unique and special.