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Brian Lindeman ’89

Assistant Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid

Weyerhaeuser Hall

He, Him, His


Why I chose Admissions and Financial Aid
I became interested in higher education access issues when I was a Macalester student through a political science class and student government. I’m still interested in those issues. I love doing this work at my alma mater because I really believe that Macalester alumni are making the world a better place.

Favorite thing about Mac
My favorite thing about Macalester students is their persistently optimistic critical thinking. Mac students always want things (their college, their government, their academic work) to be better and aren’t afraid to say so. But it’s through a lens of making things better for everyone. That was true when I was a student in the 1980s, it was true when I returned to Mac in 2001, and it’s true today.

Love for the Twin Cities
One of my favorite things is the Theater of Public Policy. This is a recurring event where a public official is interviewed about serious matters and then improv actors make fun of everything that was said (in a supportive, let’s poke fun at ourselves kind of way). And, it often occurs in a theater located in a bowling alley.