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Eli Matzner

Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid

Weyerhaeuser Hall

He, Him, His


Why I chose Financial Aid
I happened to make my way into financial aid in 2013.  Since then, I’ve discovered that it’s the perfect mix of working with numbers and working with people, and I get to make a career out of helping people. I’ve also branched out into leading financial literacy workshops, particularly for underrepresented students.

The financial aid process can be so confusing and can be drastically different at every school. I like being able to simplify it for students and families, and I’m passionate about making college affordable for everyone.

Favorite thing about Mac
My favorite thing about Mac is that we’re always striving to be better.

Love about the Twin Cities
The Twin Cities foster a great sense of community. I love that everyone is welcome and made to feel that they belong here.