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Jenae Schmidt

Director of Financial Aid

Weyerhaeuser Hall

She, Her, Hers


Why I chose  Financial Aid
I found Macalester twenty two years ago and fell in love with this place.  I cannot imagine working anywhere else. I have enormous respect for the staff and faculty I get to work with every day and am grateful for the opportunity to serve the students who attend Macalester.   

It is very gratifying to leave my office every day knowing that I have made a difference; that I have helped make the financial aid process a little less intimidating or less stressful and am helping make a Macalester education financially possible for students and their families.

Favorite thing about Mac
I love the beginning of the fall semester!  During the summer months, the campus can be pretty quiet.  I love the energy that returns with the students as they arrive in the fall.  Returning students are ready for a fresh new year, and I get the opportunity to meet all of the new first-year students who I have been corresponding with over the past year.

Love about the Twin Cities
You will never be bored in the Twin Cities metro area!  There are a large number of museums, theatres, and restaurants to choose from, and the venues are easy to navigate.   I especially love that there are so many lakes and parks right in the middle of the city. 

I grew up in a small farming community, and I’m still a small-town girl at heart. I appreciate that although we live in a large bustling metro area, you get the “small town” vibe.  There is a sense of community. People are polite, respectful, and genuinely care about each other.