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Jill Steele

Manager of Visit Experience

Weyerhaeuser Hall

She, Her, Hers


Favorite thing about Mac
I love the fall before it gets too cold to sit outside. I get so much joy watching students sitting outside on the beautiful grassy areas of campus, enjoying the company of each other and embracing the diversity of all the different cultures represented here. I love the people here: students and coworkers alike. They are kind, passionate people who truly want to make a difference in the world and they do. It’s such a positive experience here.

Love about the Twin Cities
The melting pot of cultures and experiences here is amazing. It’s a place where you can balance work and opportunity with a healthy lifestyle of outdoor pursuits, great food, sporting events, and a very rich theater and arts culture. Everything is offered here, even in the winter! Minnesotans know how to have fun whatever the weather brings!