The Interdepartmental Program in African Studies is overseen by a coordinator (rotating every two to three years) and a steering committee. Students are advised in their concentration by a steering committee member of their choice. The coordinator 1) interfaces with the college administration, faculty and inquiring students on behalf of the program; 2) keeps track of the total number of concentrations and ensures that requirements are being fulfilled; 3) leads occasional steering committee meetings; and 4) maintains the program’s webpage and catalog description.

Director: Jessica Pearson (History)

African Studies Steering Committee: David Blaney (Political Science), Christy Hanson (International Studies), Erik Larson (Sociology), Sowah Mensah (Music), David Chioni Moore (International Studies and English), William Moseley (Geography), Lisa Mueller (Political Science), Jessica Pearson-Patel (History), Ahmed Samatar (International Studies), Dianna Shandy (Anthropology), Linda Sturtz (History), Jöelle Vitiello (French), Karl Wirth (Geology).

Student Representatives: Jessica Yost ’18