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Thursday, March 21, 2024 | noon – 1 p.m.

EnviroThursday - “What’s Your Climate Story? And Why Does It Matter?”

Speakers:  Prof. Christie Manning, Marshall Roll, Marta Toledo Alcarraz and Solveigh Barney 

Is climate change affecting you? Do you have a story about how your life has been directly impacted by climate change? Join this informal EnviroThursday to learn more. 

Over the past year, Christie Manning’s research team has collaborated with Jothsna Harris, the founder of Change Narrative LLC, to explore how climate storytelling impacts engagement in activism and other collective efforts to address climate injustice. Change Narrative is dedicated to building people’s capacity to act, with a focus on those typically marginalized and excluded. A few members of the research will share prompts used by Change Narrative to help people build their climate stories - and we encourage you to take a stab at a very brief, personal climate story.  We will hear the climate stories of 4-5 current Macalester students.  We’ll end with a brief summary of what the research literature tells us about the power of developing and sharing your climate story. 

Christie Manning is an Associate Professor of Environmental Studies. She’s currently teaching Environmental Justice and Environmental Classics. Her research explores the psychological factors that predict collective climate action. Marshall Roll is a senior applied Math & Statistics and Environmental Studies major from Spokane, Washington. Marta Toledo Alcarraz is a senior Environmental Studies major.  Solveigh Barney is a senior Environmental Studies and Religious Studies major with an emphasis in Psychology from Bismarck, North Dakota, and serves as a student leader for MacBike.

Contact: Ann Esson, [email protected]

Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students

Sponsor: Environmental Studies

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Olin-Rice Science Center - 350

166 Macalester St.

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