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Mia Smith ’19

Employer, Alumni & Parent Engagement Coordinator

Kagin Commons, 102


Hi there! My name is Mia (she/her) and I’m the Employer, Alumni, and Parent Engagement Coordinator in Career Exploration.

My experience at Macalester began in 2015, when I was a first-year moving into Turck Hall. As a student, I worked at an urban farming and youth development organization through the Community Engagement Center’s off-campus student employment program. Over the summers, I worked at a summer camp and a restaurant, and interned with various education-related nonprofits. I graduated from Mac in 2019 as an Educational Studies and Geography double major. Even though I utilized Career Exploration services as a student, I left Macalester without a concrete plan for what I would do next. I (mistakenly) thought my first job out of college would determine my entire professional trajectory, and I found that daunting.

I received so many rejection emails during the summer after I graduated from Mac. Finally, I interviewed at College Possible, a nonprofit in Saint Paul focused on college access and success. The work seemed exciting and engaging, but if I’m being completely honest, a big reason I accepted the job was because the person who would be my supervisor interviewed me, and I thought she seemed really cool. Feeling connected to the people on my team is really important to me. At College Possible, I supported high school students from low-income backgrounds in accessing higher education. After two years, I wanted to take it a step further. Once students are admitted into institutions of higher learning, what programs and services exist to help them have the best experience possible? That’s how I found my way back to Macalester.

Outside of work, you can find me walking around my neighborhood, brewing kombucha, knitting, and watching reality TV. I live in an intentional community in south Minneapolis with six housemates.