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Types of Interviews

Behavioral Interviews 

A common style of interview, the behavioral interview, seeks to obtain specific examples of past application of the skills necessary for a role. The premise is that past behavior will predict future performance, even in varied contexts. They often begin with “tell me about a time when…”

Sample Interview Questions (gdoc)

STAR Technique Worksheet in Quick Start Guide to Interviewing (gdoc)

Case Interviews 

Case interviews are less common, and while used in a variety of industries, are most commonly used by management consulting firms. Interviewers utilizing case questions seek to test your critical thinking and analytical skills. Interviewers will pose a hypothetical problem, and ask you to walk through your detailed process of getting to a solution.

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Hints and suggestions from Deloitte

Technical Interviews

Sometimes called “whiteboard” interviews, technical interviews are less common and are used in a variety of industries to assess technical skills like programming, financial modeling, etc. Unlike other types of interview questions, these tend to have a “right” answer, and rely on technical knowledge obtained through your coursework or other training. 

Whiteboard Interview Basics (gdoc)

Interview Preparation


Interviewing Quick Start Guide (gdoc)

Sample Interview Questions (gdoc)

Video & Phone Interviewing (gdoc)

Mock Interviews

The best way to excel at interviewing is to practice and receive feedback. Career Exploration offers many opportunities for interview practice, including:

  • Individual mock interviews. Schedule with a career advisor via Handshake
  • Mock interviewing programs. Scheduled throughout the semester, Career Exploration offers mock, behavioral, case and technical interviews with our staff, alumni and/or recruiters. 

Interview Dress

Employers perceive an interview as an opportunity to see the most professional version of you. A work environment may end up being more casual thereafter, but your interview dress shows your appreciation of and capacity for professionalism. Not sure what professional dress looks like or where to find affordable options? We can help:

  • Set up an appointment with a career advisor on Handshake.
  • Check out our Pinterest boards for inspiration
  • Consignment shops are great places to find interview attire on a budget. Encore Consignment and Elite Repeat are local favorites for Macalester students.

Recruiting 101

On- and off-campus recruiting is a unique experience, with distinct timelines, expectations and norms. 

In order to participate in recruiting activities, you must be an enrolled student in good standing with the college. Your participation is based on the understanding that your conduct impacts the reputation of Macalester College, our relationships with employers, and future opportunities for Macalester students. Failure to meet any of the following expectations during the recruitment process may result in suspension of recruiting privileges and/or Handshake access. 

Do you have questions about how to best prepare for recruiting or handle a situation? Make an appointment via Handshake to see any of our career advisors. 

Handshake Profile Information

We recommend keeping your GPA and work authorization public in Handshake. If you choose to keep GPA and/or work authorization private in your Handshake profile, your application may default to “not meeting qualifications” for positions to which you apply, even if your GPA or work authorization meets the minimum qualifications for the role. 


It is the college’s expectation that you represent yourself accurately (i.e. grade point average, work authorization, past experience, etc.) in all application processes, including application forms, resumes, cover letters and interviews. Rounding GPA to the nearest tenth is acceptable (i.e. 3.46 may be rounded to 3.5). If you have questions about how to accurately represent your ability to work legally in the United States, please make an appointment with a career advisors via Handshake.

Recruiting Events

Recruiting events (information sessions, career fairs, etc.) provide an excellent opportunity for you to connect with prospective employers. Once you have registered in Handshake, employers are able to see that you are planning to attend. If you cannot attend, please change your RSVP by no later than 24 hours prior to an event. Unless otherwise specified, professional dress is generally expected for any employer-hosted event. Examples on Pinterest.

On-campus Interviews

On-campus interviews provide a convenient opportunity to interview without having to leave campus. A scheduled interview represents a professional commitment. If you must cancel your interview, you must notify Career Exploration at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled interview. Please double check the location of your on-campus interview and plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to all scheduled interviews. Unless otherwise specified, professional interview dress is expected for any on-campus interview. Examples on Pinterest.


Accepting a job or internship offer, either orally or in writing, represents a commitment. Our expectation is that once you accept an offer, you will do so in good faith with the full intention of honoring your commitment. After you accept an internship or job offer, you should immediately withdraw all pending applications and cancel all scheduled interviews. 

Employers and Opportunities

Career Exploration makes a reasonable effort to check the legitimacy of employers and positions, but we are unable to verify every posting. You must perform due diligence in researching employers when applying for or accepting an offer of employer. 

  • Research company websites thoroughly: Does the website look legitimate? Look for stock photos, grammatical errors, and poor use of English language.
  • Research the company on websites such as for feedback and complaints.
  • Keep your private information private! Don’t share personal information, e.g., social security numbers, banking information, credit or debit card numbers, PINs, passwords, birthday, address, mother’s maiden name.
  • Never process financial transactions. 

For additional information, read Fraudulent Employers: Tips for Career Centers and Students.

Offer Negotiations

Although it is acceptable to attempt to negotiate an offer or interview timelines, it can be tricky.

We recommend that you speak with a career advisor in Career Exploration before you begin negotiations. Call us at 651-696-6384 if you are short on time. Also, check out our Salary Negotiation Quick Start Guide.