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Tamo Lucero

Associate Director, Alumni & Parent Engagement for Career Exploration

Career Exploration, Kagin Commons


Hi! My name is Tamoanchan Lucero and I use they/them pronouns. Feel free to call me Tamo! I have always been a fan of liberal arts institutions and am so excited to be here at Macalester.

As a first generation Latinx person from a low-income family, college was never talked about as an aspiration. When I chose a small liberal arts college 16 hours away from home, I struggled to find my community, my purpose, and myself. When I chose to plant my feet in one place, thanks to the advice of a mentor and faculty member, I not only came out of my shell but began to make an impact on the campus, both as a BIPOC and queer-identifying individual. This was partially executed through the multiple jobs I held on campus from a sustainability representative, choral librarian, and personal assistant to resident assistant and assistant hall director.

With a Psychology Major and double minors in Vocal Performance and Women’s and Gender Studies, I had a decision to make about what came next. I thought about pursuing a vocation in sex therapy but was called towards political activism after successfully campaigning to be Student Senate/Body President and PRIDE President (campus LGBTQ+ student org). On campus, I was heavily involved with a national organization seeking to establish the youth cooperative sector in the USA because, as I believe now, our economy should always be in the hands of those on the frontlines, not an elite few. I was recruited as the Executive Director of the organization and my journey in organizing kicked off. Since then, I have had the pleasure of organizing for queer civil rights, policing reform, and the election of down-ballot BIPOC, queer, femme candidates and those that are often told there is no seat at the table for them. That came with plenty of pit stops in between, such as being a server, barista, retail worker, and even a short stint working at a humane society helping pets find their forever homes!

I proudly identify as a first-gen latinx, queer, non-binary person and, like many first-generation Americans, my family’s immigration story is messy and complicated. My family is from Juarez, Mexico (notoriously known for cartel involvement and gang violence) and my birth in El Paso, TX offered my family an opportunity and path for citizenship. As a current St. Paulite, I have always enjoyed exploring our wonderful country now having lived in Iowa, Colorado, and Oklahoma.

I am a lover of all things green! My name, Tamoanchan, is the verdant paradise of the west revered by MesoAmerican cultures. I fully live into my name by now owning over 40 houseplants with plenty more currently being propagated. I still find time to create by either singing, conducting, and poetry writing. Mostly, I can be found watching the latest horror movie or series with my two rescue pups Zeus (10 yr. old Mastiff Mix) & Rasa (5 yr. old Border Collie).