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BIPOC Students

On this page you will find resources for students under the BIPOC umbrella of Identities.

As a person who has one or many of these identities, it is important to understand that your background and your set of experiences should be valued by employers. In reflecting and highlighting your perspectives and background during the hiring process, you should be prepared to share how what you bring to the table makes you the best candidate for the opportunity for which you are being considered.

Everyone should be able to show up authentically themselves to work. Unfortunately, this ideal is in tension with the reality that not all employers or workspaces are created equal. 

The following resources represent questions you can yourself as you reflect on what is important to you, questions you can ask employers to get a sense of the culture you are walking into, and/or questions others have pondered so that you can take away that your experience is valid and that others have grappled with these questions as well.

Please note that these resources are not telling you how, why, or what you should discuss regarding your identity. These resources are meant to prime your reflection on what you might share based on your needs.


Looking for an Inclusive Employer: Nine Questions to Ask During the Interview 


How to Tell If a Company Actually Cares About Diversity and Inclusion, According to Ellen Pao

Diversity Inc Top 50 Companies for Diversity

Be Professional (PDF) – An infographic on unpacking what professionalism means and has meant

“How Shall I Wear My Hair?” – Students Navigating Professional Identity Politics

White Supremacy Culture – Still Here (PDF)White Supremacy Culture website

The Strong and Stressed Black Woman – NY Times Op-Ed