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Capstone Projects

All CGH concentrators complete a substantial project focusing on the health of human populations. The project may reflect a significant civic engagement experience, a major research project, or a hybrid of the two.  Students present their projects to the college community during a poster session held each Spring.  Below you will find examples of the projects students have completed recently.  Guidelines for the capstone projects are available here.

Wynonna Ardiansyah ’16 (Jakarta, Indonesia):  Capacity Building to Tackle Food Insecurity

Omar Mansour ’16 (Salt, Jordan):  Using Survival Analysis to Identify Risk Factors for Treatment Default among New and Retreatment Tuberculosis Patients in Kenya

Matthea Roemer ’16 (Lehighton, PA):  Implementing a Regional Nutrition Program in Rural Senegal

Andjelka Radevic ’16 (Rozaje, Montenegro):  Product Liability Law and Public Health

Chloe Shumaker ’16 (Princeton, NJ):  Reaching the Unreachable:  Linking Poverty Reduction, Social Protection, and Tuberculosis Care Services in Kenya

Lily Alexander ’14 (Takoma Park, MD):  The Ecology of Poverty of Chagas Disease in the United States:  The Invisible Population of the US-Mexico Borderlands

Rebecca Gans ’14 (Briarcliff Manor, NY):  Choice and Childbirth for Queer Women in Amsterdam

Kate Adelsheim ’14 (Palo Alto, CA):  Female Sterilization Use of Low-Income Women in Mumbai, India

Mollie Mayfield ’11 (Hillsborough, NC): “Cooking Matters: Nutrition, Knowledge, and Empowerment to Eliminate Child Hunger”

Luisa Paredes ’11 (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic): “Addressing the Health Necessities of Hispanic Immigrants in the Twin Cities”

Dominika Šeblová ’11 (Prague, Czech Republic): “Challenges of Injury Prevention in the Czech Republic”

Mina Tehrani ’11 (New York, NY): “Stories and Cesareans: Prenatal care for Somali patients at a Minneapolis Clinic”

Cheryl Zogg ’11 (Fargo, ND): “Understanding Infrastructure: An Analysis of Healthcare Systems in Bangladesh”

Sharmila Raghunandan ’10 (Bangalore, India), “An Analysis of the Effects of Unemployment on Suicide Rates”

Bryce Slinger ’10 (Raleigh, NC), “Emergency Caregiver Burnout: A Rural South African Case Study”

Soukeyna Sylla ’10 (Dakar, Senegal), “Toward Free Access to HIV/AIDS Antiretroviral Drugs: A Senegalese Initiative”