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The Hamre Award

The Hamre Award, named for Laurie Hamre, former Macalester College Vice President for Student Affairs, is presented annually to at least one member of each class.  The award honors students who live out the mission of the college not only by promoting one or more of Macalester’s stated values, but also by demonstrating a genuine love of the community through service to the college.  To be considered for this award, a student must:

  • Have demonstrated efforts to promote college values during the current academic year;
  • Be enrolled full-time at Macalester College;
  • Be in good academic standing (minimum GPA of 2.7);
  • Be in good standing with the Title IX and Nondiscrimination office, as well as the Office of Student Affairs.

2021-2021 Award Recipients

  • Sami Banat ’24
    Nominated by Paul Dosh, Political Science
  • Uditi Chandrashekhar ’24
    Nominated by Aaron Colhapp, Luyen Phan, Kara Warren, ISP
  • Emma Curchin ’22
    Nominated by Paul Dosh, Political Science
  • Andrea Vijil Morin ’24
    Nominated by Derek Johnson, CEC
  • Mayumi Morgan ’25
    Nominated by Derek Johnson, CEC
  • Rio Osorio Nava ’24
    Nominated by Paul Dosh, Political Science
  • Sarah Noble ’22
    Nominated by Josie Hurka, Disability Services
  • Jeanarry Rodriguez ’23
    Nominated by Christie Manning, Director of Sustainability
  • Sophia Salinas ’24
    Nominated by Ruth Janisch, Derek Johnson, Eily Marlow, Paul Schadewald, CEC
  • Mai Thao ’22
    Nominated by Ruth Janisch, IGC/CEC and James Hernandez ’25
  • Jonah Wexler ’23
    Nominated by Derek Johnson, CEC

Last Year’s Award Recipients


  • Julian Applebaum ’23
  • Alison Bautista ’21
  • Andrew Brown ’23
  • Morgan Doherty ’21
  • Jared Jageler ’22
  • Kanyana Norah Ntagungira ’22
  • Varee Saetang ’21
  • Ayana Smith-Kooiman ’22
  • Elika Somani ’22
  • Ashley Vargas ’21