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Academic Affairs Committee Awards

Faculty/Staff Educator of the Year

The Outstanding Educator of the Year honors one staff or faculty member who has consistently supported students’ holistic learning experience. Through this award, student nominators applaud an educator for their leadership, guidance, contribution, and commitment to campus life.

2023-2024 Award Winner:

  • Dr. Morgan Sleeper ‘11, Linguistics

Student Educator of the Year

The Outstanding Student Educator of the Year recognizes students who have done exceptional work in their positions as student educators, including but not limited to the traditional roles of preceptor, TA, SI, and tutor. Through this award, faculty, staff, and students recognize student educators for their passion, preparedness, wisdom, accessibility, and clarity.

2023-2024 Award Winners:

  • Andrea Vijil Morin ‘24
  • Marine Lobos Garay ‘26