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The Peer Mentor Award

The Peer Mentor Award at Macalester College celebrates the exceptional contributions of students who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and support in guiding their peers. Named in recognition of the crucial role played by peer mentors in fostering a positive and inclusive campus community, this award seeks to honor those individuals who have exhibited exemplary leadership, empathy, and dedication to the growth and success of their fellow students. To be eligible for the Peer Mentor Award, candidates must:

  • Have served as a mentor during the current academic year, demonstrating a genuine commitment to the development of their mentees;
  • Be enrolled full-time at Macalester College;
  • Be in good academic standing (minimum GPA of 2.7);
  • Be in good standing with the Title IX and Nondiscrimination office, as well as the Office of Student Affairs.

2023-2024 Award Recipients:

  • Haoxuan Gao ‘24
  • Lilabeth Sokolewicz ‘26