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Statement of Expectations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Given the nature of a viral pandemic, maintaining the health and safety of the Macalester community will require the cooperation of all community members. The college recognizes that complying with the Mac Stays Safer community commitment will sometimes be challenging, uncomfortable, and strange, and that life on campus in the near future will require significant adjustment for everyone. But it is the college’s expectation that students, faculty and staff will comply with the community commitment whenever on campus or otherwise engaged in college-related activities. It is each individual’s responsibility to monitor their own behavior for compliance. Community members are encouraged to gently and respectfully remind others to comply, when necessary.

Community members who repeatedly and flagrantly violate the community commitment may be subject to disciplinary or corrective action. In the unfortunate event that corrective action is needed, possible consequences will include: removal from campus, written performance warnings, and possible exemption from the next available pay increase. In all cases, leaders responsible for addressing an individual’s non-compliance should consult with the Director of Employment Services prior to implementation of any remedy in order to have a consistent and fair practice.