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13.7 Hazard Information


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The Minnesota 1983 Employee Right to Know Act is intended to ensure that employees are aware of the dangers associated with hazardous substances, harmful physical agents (in hospitals and clinics) that they may be exposed to in their work place. Written information on hazardous substances, harmful physical agents, or infectious agents is readily available on MSDS sheets located within your department, or with the Employee Right-to-Know Hazard Hotline (612-617-0995). For more information, call the Safety Office at 651-696-6278.


Current medical evidence indicates that the actual safety risks created for the transmission of the Hepatitis B (HBV) or HIV (AIDS) viruses are low in the College’s normal academic and employment setting. Any employee who may be exposed to body fluids in the course of employment duties will be given protective wear in order to minimize the risk of transmission of communicable disease. The College will make available the Hepatitis B vaccination series to all employees who have the potential for occupational exposure. Training is provided at the time of initial assignments to tasks where occupational exposure may occur, and will be repeated within twelve months of the previous training. For more detailed information, contact the Safety Office at 651-696-6278.


Macalester College has an infectious waste management plan. The plan is designed to ensure that all infectious waste is disposed of in a safe manner, avoiding any risk to employees. For more information, contact Health Services at 651-696-6199.


To comply with the federal and state right-to-know laws, and as an effective loss control/risk management program, the College has adopted a Hazard Information/Right to Know and Emergency Medical Response Program. The program provides for emergency response to chemical spills, and other chemical emergencies, as well as immediate access to toxicology and medical information, please call 612-617-0995. Employees who work with hazardous chemicals will receive medical examinations and consultation with a licensed physician at no cost to the employee and without loss of pay. For general information about hazardous waste, contact the Safety Office at 651- 696-6278.