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General Education Course Designation

Graduation requirements include completing courses with specific learning outcomes in Internationalism, Quantitative Thinking, U.S. Identities and Differences, and Writing. All courses designated as satisfying one or more of these general education requirements need to be approved by the General Education Requirement Committee (GERC).

Applications are reviewed by GERC on a rolling basis, roughly every two weeks, (Sept. – May).

General Education Course Designations will be made on a per faculty per section basis, so each instructor of each section of a course should complete a request form. For courses previously approved that will be offered by the same instructor, the Registrar will contact the department chair and same instructor for recertification.


  1. To submit a request, select the link for the appropriate course designation form below. There you will find posted the rationale, learning outcomes, and course approval criteria for the requirement.
  2. Before preparing your submission, we strongly encourage you to take a look at the Sample Form provided for the General Education Requirement designation you are requesting. The sample form is a Google Doc template of all the information and questions included on the Google Form along with example answers. You may want to copy the sample form and use it to prepare the answers you will submit using the Google Form.
  3. After your course designation request is considered by GERC you will be notified by the Registrar of its status.
  4. The Registrar will contact the department chair and same instructor of a course with a previously approved GER designation for recertification.

Thank you for your interest in offering a course that will satisfy a general education requirement.

Gen Ed Course Designation Forms