In November 2005 the faculty endorsed new graduation requirements that include completing courses with specific learning goals in Internationalism, Quantitative Thinking, U.S. Multiculturalism, and Writing. The faculty also endorsed a plan that outlines a process for approving courses designated as satisfying the new graduation requirements. All courses that will be designated as satisfying the Internationalism, Quantitative Thinking, U.S. Multiculturalism, or Writing graduation requirements will need to be approved by the General Education Requirement Committee (GERC).

Applications will be reviewed by GERC on a rolling basis, roughly every two weeks, (Sept. – May).

General Education Course Designations will be made on a per faculty per section basis, so each instructor of each section of a course should complete a request form. For courses previously approved that will be offered by the same instructor, an abbreviated application may be submitted here, or the department chair may notify the registrar.

Beginning with Fall 2013 courses, Writing designation may not be re-certified. A full application is required.

Beginning with Fall 2014, QT designation may not be re-certified.  A full application is required.


  1. If you’ve previously taught this course with a General Education Requirement designation, and it was not a Writing designation, your Chair may be able to recertify the course if there have been no significant changes. Check the Registrar’s site to see if the course has already been recertified.
  2. To submit a request, select the link for the appropriate course designation form below. There you will find posted the rationale, learning goals, course approval criteria and submission form for each requirement.
  3. If you anticipate a lengthy response, it is recommended that you use a text editor so that your response can be saved and archived for future reference.
  4. Complete all sections of the form by typing your responses into the provided text boxes, or by pasting them from another file. Submitted responses should be kept brief (do not include attachments or submit hardcopies of other materials).
  5. Print (and/or Save) a copy of the form for your records.
  6. Submit the data by clicking on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the form. An electronic copy of your submission will be sent to your email.
  7. After your course designation request is considered by GERC you will be notified by the Registrar of its status.

Thank you for your interest in offering a course that will satisfy a general education requirement.

Gen Ed Course Designation Forms