New Students

Welcome to Macalester! During May and June, please log in to Macalester's online portal 1600grand and use the Student Life tab to accept or decline any students loans you have been offered. You can use our bill estimating worksheets to help you determine how much you will owe and if you will need to borrow loans. 1600grand contains the details of your financial aid package and a list of any outstanding requirements or documents.

If you accept a Federal Direct Subsidized Loan or a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan, you will need to log in to with your FSA ID and complete two additional steps: Entrance Counseling (a guide to understanding the loans) and a Master Promissory Note (your official agreement to repay the loans). Other types of loans have different application steps. You can visit our Loans and Financing page to read about the requirements for each loan you accept.

If you have need-based student employment as part of your financial aid package and you wish to work on campus, please log in to your New Student Portal to complete your student employment application. Your New Student Portal also contains a checklist of items to complete throughout the summer.

Returning Students

If you have not filed your 2017-2018 FAFSA yet, please do so as soon as possible at After you file your FAFSA, we may need additional documents from you. You can find a list of any outstanding financial aid items in the Student Life tab of 1600grand, and we will also send regular notices by email.

For students who completed their financial aid applications by May 15, we will provide financial aid eligibility notifications in June. Throughout the summer, we will continue to provide financial aid eligibility notifications as applications are completed. Once you receive your notification, make sure to accept or decline your loans on 1600grand. For any questions about the financial aid process, please see our complete application instructions for returning students or contact our office.

Communication From Our Office

In an effort to conserve resources, we will limit the number of paper financial aid eligibility notifications sent from our office.

New students will receive paper and email notifications throughout the summer. After fall semester begins, new students will receive electronic notifications only.

Returning students will receive initial eligibility notifications in the mail and electronically. Subsequent notifications will be electronic only. Paper notifications are sent to the permanent address on file with the Registrar.

If you would prefer to receive paper notifications (sent to your SPO during the academic year), please send an email to

Tax Forms for 2016 Tax Filing

IRS Form 1098-T is used to determine eligibility for claiming Education Tax Credits on your Federal Income Tax Return. If you are a student at Macalester and eligible to receive a 1098-T Form, you can retrieve it electronically. Instructions are available on how to download your 1098-T Form.

2016 W-2 Forms have been provided to students who worked on campus during the 2016 tax year. Student W-2 Forms for 2016 can be downloaded by selecting "Tax Forms" in the "Employment/My Job" tab of 1600grand.

2015-2016 Key Facts and Figures

Percentage of students receiving financial aid: 79%

The average need-based financial aid package: $42,348

The average financial aid package includes the following:

Grant: 83%

Loan: 12%

Student Employment: 5%

Merit Scholarship Opportunities

In 2015-2016, over forty percent of U.S. first-year students received merit-based scholarships from Macalester. Merit scholarship awards range from $8,000 to $72,000 over four years. More information about Macalester's Merit Scholarships.

The resources your family needs to learn about and apply for financial aid at Macalester are on this site. If you have any additional questions or are unable to find the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

The Admissions and Financial Aid Offices are physically located at 62 Macalester Street.