Billing statements

Fall semester billing statements are produced in mid-July with payment due in mid-August. Spring semester billing statements are produced in mid-December with payment due in mid-January.

Macalester's Office of Student Accounts produces statements of account on a monthly basis. Visit the Student Accounts site for detailed information on Macalester's billing policies and procedures.

  • All statements of account are produced electronically. There are no paper statements of account.
  • Students receive an email message when a new statement is available.
  • Students may access account statements (and view account activity since the last statement) using 1600grand .
  • Students may authorize other people to view their statements. Authorized users will also receive an email message when a new statement is available.
  • Initial statements for fall semester are produced in mid-July. Payment is due in mid-August.
  • Initial statements for spring semester are produced in mid-December. Payment is due in mid-January. 

Calculating Your Payment

Determining exactly what amount to pay Macalester can be complicated, especially if you received financial aid of several types.  Please use the worksheet below to calculate your payment.  You will need 

  1. Your current account balance.
  2. Your current financial aid package for the semester (available to students at 
  3. To know which, if any, loans you will be using for the semester.
  4. To know whether you are participating in the payment plan and, if so, how much you are financing through this mechanism.  You will also need to know how much of your fall semester payment plan has already been applied to your account.
  5. To know whether you will be directly applying your wages from student employment to your account balance.

Payment Calculation Worksheet

Help links for the worksheet:

Once you have determined the amount that is due, you may pay online using an electronic payment from your bank account or by using a credit card (a fee will apply to credit card payments).  Click here for more information about how to make a payment.

For a more general estimate of your Macalester bill, you can use the Bill Estimating Worksheet found on the Financial Aid Office forms page.