DeWitt Wallace Professor of Geography, Director of Asian Studies
Population, GIS, rural geography, ethnicity, identity and mobility

Carnegie Hall, 104c


Curriculum Vitae


Hello and thank you for visiting my webpage!

I am a Professor of Geography at Macalester College in Saint Paul Minnesota where I study and teach about topics related to population geography, rural communities, ethnicity and culture, in both the United States and in Mongolia.  My primary research interests focus on ethnic minority mobilities, rural livelihood sustainability, and the implications of migration for rural communities.

I enjoy working in new communities and learning about these, and other rural topics, in communities across the globe.  One of the ways in which I’m able to connect with scholars studying these issues is through my work with the International Geographical Union’s Commission on the Sustainability of Rural Systems (IGU-CSRS), which I currently Co-Chair.  The CSRS is one of the forty commissions of International Geographical Union. For twenty years CSRS has endeavored to achieve a better understanding of rural areas and of their sustainability. The Macalester College Geography Department looks forward to hosting Sustaining Rural Systems: Rural Vitality in an Era of Globalization and Economic Nationalism, the 27th Annual Colloquium of the IGU-CSRS.  The conference and field study will be held in July 2019.

I am also a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Rural Studies.  These activities, in addition to my own research and teaching help keep me connected to the issues that underlie my broader research questions about rural community change.

On this website I hope you’ll find topics of interest to you.  Feel free to email me with any questions or if you just want to chat about the topic ([email protected]).

Welcome again and please feel free to browse my RESEARCH and TEACHING pages!