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Sedric McClure

Community Engagement Center Co-Director and Associate Dean of Kofi Annan Institute for Global Citizenship



Sedric McClure has spent the past two decades working for equality and equity in higher education. As interim Dean of Multicultural Life and Assistant Dean for College Access, Sedric has been working progressively and collaboratively to create programs, procedures and practices that seek to transform the campus learning and living environment. His professional responsibilities have been rooted in multicultural affairs, admissions, and academic support at Southwest Minnesota State University, Concordia University, St Paul, and Macalester College since 1999. The substance of his career has revolved around college access for underrepresented students, social justice education, as well as creating pathways for students’ academic trajectories and self-actualization. Sedric is passionate about infusing principles of multiculturalism and social justice into the critical functions of the college. His intellectual interest explores how “race” and racism limits life opportunities for students from marginalized groups. In his spare moments, Sedric likes to read, play golf, spend time with family and friends, and use humor to chase the blues away.

His favorite quote: “In the struggle for social justice, the only reward is to be in the struggle.”

Peace of Wisdom: “A smart person knows what to say, a wise person knows whether to say it.”