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2012 International Roundtable

19th Annual International Roundtable

Feeding the World: Globalization, Food, and Agriculture in the 21st Century

October 11–12, 2012

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The theme of globalization, food, and agriculture links the global to the local in the very best of Macalester’s International Roundtable traditions, and spans the fine arts, social sciences, humanities, and sciences. The issue of how we sustainably feed the world in the coming decades is a conversation that will be sustained throughout the 2012–13 academic year and serve as a focal point for the American Studies Conference in the spring.

This year’s International Roundtable will take place on Thursday and Friday, October 11 and 12, 2012, and seeks to cultivate a civil and respectful exchange between those with contrasting views on how best to feed the world sustainably. The activities on Thursday will include keynote addresses by internationally recognized scholars Raj Patel, Ivette Perfecto, and Joshua Muldavin, followed by a constructive critique from two members of the agri-food business community, Steven Peterson and Jennifer Shaw. The day will end with a moderated roundtable discussion and a reception for making connections.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, artist Tattfoo Tan will work with the Macalester community to create mobile art gardens. His noon lecture on Friday will be preceded by a series of student- and community-led sessions on important sub-topics related to the global food system. Our invited speakers will meet with classes that afternoon. The International Roundtable will conclude on Friday afternoon with a discussion about the themes and action items that emerge from the two days.

On Saturday morning, the International Roundtable is partnering with the 2012 Macalester Family Fest to offer field trips to local farmers markets and other sites that address food production and distribution.

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