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Grant Revisions  
Grant Revision Review Policy (requires Macalester userid/password) Michelle Epp
Looking for Forms? - Grant Revision Form
Cost Share  
Policy for Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects Melissa Ketter
Cost Transfers  
Cost Transfer Policy Melissa Ketter
Looking for Forms? Cost Transfer Forms
Effort Certification  
Policy and Procedures Melissa Ketter
Looking for Training? Effort Certification Training
 Procurement Using External Funding  Melissa Ketter
Subaward Monitoring
Debarred Vendor Policy Melissa Ketter 
Monitoring Federally Funded Subrecipients Melissa Ketter
Looking for Forms? Subaward Monitoring Forms


Allowable and Unallowable Charges to Federal Grants Melissa Ketter
Export Control Regulations Melissa Ketter

Grant Funded Travel Guidelines

Are you taking students to a conference or meeting? Typical expenses incurred when traveling to a conference include: conference registration fee, airfare, hotel, meals, and ground transportation. There are several ways to pay student expenses, including meal per diems, and travel cash advances. Please use the following Decision Guide to help determine which option(s) best meet your travel needs.  

Decision Guide

See the documents below for more information about your options:

Melissa Ketter


General Resources  
Commonly Used Accounting Codes Tracy Arndt
Grant Administration Commonly Used Acronyms Melissa Ketter
Grant Vocabulary/Glossary Melissa Ketter
Proposal Preparation and Grant Management Guide - PPGMG Michelle Epp
Federal Resources  

Office of Management Budget (OMB) Uniform Guidance

Melissa Ketter

Federal-Wide Research Terms and Conditions

Melissa Ketter

Buy American Act

Melissa Ketter
Fly America Act Melissa Ketter
National Science Foundation Awards Management Melissa Ketter
National Institutes of Health Grants Policy Statement Melissa Ketter