Form Name Primary Contact

Cost Transfers

Cost Transfer Form (XLSX) Melissa Ketter
Journal Entry (XLS) Once completed, submit by EMAIL to Tracy Arndt
More Information — Cost Transfer Policies, Guidelines and Resources

Grant Revisions

Grant Revision Request Form (DOC) Brian Carlson
More Information — Grant Revision Policies, Guidelines and Resources

Grant Travel

Check Request (PDF) Melissa Ketter
Grant Funded PI/PD Small Expenses Log (PDF)
Use this form to track small expenses (less than $75.00) when receipts are not available.
Melissa Ketter
Pcard Application Grace Wood
Travel Cash Advance Request (PDF) Grace Wood
2017 Travel Expense Report (XLSX) Grace Wood
More Information — Grant Travel Policies, Guidelines and Resources

Grant Travel — Student Specific Forms

Grant Funded Student Expense Log (PDF) Melissa Ketter
Grant Funded Student Travel Meals & Incidental Expenses per diem Request (PDF) Melissa Ketter
Student Statement of Personal Responsibility (PDF) Melissa Ketter
More Information — Grant Travel Policies, Guidelines and Resources


Check Request (PDF) Nicole Tillander
Standard Engagement Contract (PDF)                                                                
(Save to hard drive first, edit, and then save edits to customize contract)
Matt Rumpza
Vendor W-9 Request (PDF) Nicole Tillander
Statement of Services Performed Outside of the US (PDF) Patricia Langer


Payroll Payroll 
Employment Services Employment Services
Faculty/Staff Status Form (PDF) Employment Services

Subaward Monitoring Forms

Subrecipient Risk Assessment  (PDF)
(If using Firefox, save to hard drive first, and then complete form)
Melissa Ketter
Invoice Checklist and Approvals (PDF) Melissa Ketter
More Information — Subaward Monitoring — Policies