Lost or Stolen Pcard?

Call Wells Fargo immediately at 1-800-932-0036. Send an email to Pcard Administrator, as soon as you are able.


All receipts and statements must be submitted via the e-Envelope process.

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Pcard Quick Facts

User Roles

  • Cardholder – has Pcard and is responsible for Review window during reconciliation
  • Reconciler – has same access as a cardholder and can complete review process during reconciliation. Can also be used as a way to view a cardholders history and current statements.
  • Approver – responsible for approver window for assigned cardholder statements during reconciliation

Reconciliation Timeline

  • Review window – for cardholders/reconcilers. Usually 1st-6th of the month. Once closed cannot update FOAPALs
  • Approver window – for approvers. Usually 7th-10th of the month. Once closed cannot update FOAPALs
  • Program Admin window – only for Pcard Administrator. Usually 11th-16th of the month. Transactions and descriptions are uploaded into Banner/Argos

Important Notes

  • Company ID is always MACAL196  (not case sensitive).
  • User ID is automatically generated by Wells Fargo. Contact Pcard Administrator, for help
  • Unique ID is the same as your Macalester ID. Normally you will only need the last 4 digits
  • Any user has the ability to update transaction descriptions at any time.
  • Wells Fargo allows 200 characters for transaction descriptions
  • Only the first 50 characters will appear in Banner/Argos

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Pcard FAQ

What should I do if my Pcard is lost or stolen?

Please notify Wells Fargo immediately at 1-800-932-0036. Please send an email to the Pcard Administrator, at as soon as you are able.

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How should I report fraud on my Pcard?

Fraudulent charges must be reported immediately.

  1. Call Wells Fargo Customer Service at 1-800-932-0036 to report the charge and cancel your card.
  2. Call or email the Pcard Administrator, at and describe the situation.
  3. Macalester is liable for all fraudulent charges until Wells Fargo is notified and the card is canceled.

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What is ‘phishing’ and how can I protect myself—and my company’s cardholders—from falling victim to a phishing scheme?

“Phishing” refers to fraudulent emails that solicit sensitive account information. The most common form of phishing is a fake email that mimics the look and feel of a genuine company’s communication. The email may ask the recipient to reply via email or to click on an embedded website link, then provide private information. Either way, it’s fake and it’s dangerous! Wells Fargo will never ask for confidential information through an unsolicited email, a website link within an email, or an unsolicited phone call.

To protect yourself from phishing schemes:

  • Never respond to or click a link within an unsolicited e-mail.
  • Never give out your password, account number or ID, or any other authorization credentials via e-mail, the web, or text messages.
  • Never offer account information over the telephone unless you initiate the call or are certain you are speaking with a Wells Fargo representative.
  • Always protect your Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®) password, token passcode, and PIN number.

To report phishing or fraudulent attempts to gather Pcard information, send an email to Wells Fargo at or contact Macalester’s Pcard Administrator, at

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Identity theft is an ongoing issue for consumers. How am I protected?

Identity theft—the assumption of an individual’s personal account information and credit history for fraudulent purposes—can wreak havoc on card programs with individual liability. The good news for Pcard holders is that we do not retain any personal information to secure your account. The information associated with your Pcard is that of the College, rather than the individual level. The social security numbers and employee identification details that fraud perpetrators look for are unavailable. As a result, Pcard holders can use their Pcards with confidence.

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How many days do I have to reconcile my online Pcard statement?

Cardholders and reconcilers have the first six calendar days of each month to complete the online Pcard reconciliation process, i.e. from the 1st of the month through the 6th.  (Note: Calendar days include Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.)

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What if I am having difficulty accessing or updating my Pcard statement online in Wells Fargo?

It is common for users to experience issues with the Wells Fargo Commercial Card Expense Reporting site. If you receive an error message when logging in to “contact your system administrator”, email Pcard Administrator, at .  It is most likely that your password will need to be reset. If you are experiencing issues within Wells Fargo, suggested fixes include:

  1. Refreshing the web browser (reset cache and cookies)
  2. Switching web browsers (Chrome seems to have more issues)
  3. Save reconciliation changes often (description and FOAPAL updates)

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How many days does my approver have to approve my online Pcard statement?

Your approver has four calendar days to approve your online Pcard statement – from the 7th of the month through the 10th. If you complete your online reconciliation before the 6th of the month, your approver can begin reviewing as soon as your statement is ready, i.e. before the 7th of the month. In other words, the earlier you reconcile and review your online Pcard statement, the more days your approver has to complete online review and approval.

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When are Pcard charges reflected in Banner/Argos?

Pcard charges are typically posted to Banner / Argos by the 20th of the following month. “Why does this take so long?”

Here is the timeline for the required processes for each month’s cycle:

1st to 6th of the month: Cardholder reconciliation
7th to 10th of the month: Approvals
11th to 15th of the month: Pcard Administrator reviews data
15th to 20th of the month: Data into Banner / Argos

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I will be out of the office during the regular Pcard review cycle.  Can I reconcile my Pcard statement before the end of the month?

You cannot fully reconcile your statement before the end of the month, but you can add descriptions and edit FOAPALs at any time during the statement cycle. To make changes outside the normal review period:

  • Log into the Wells Fargo Pcard system.
  • Click on the “Cycle-to-Date Transactions” button to access your charges.
  • Review and update the information for each transaction.
  • SAVE.Alert Macalester’s Pcard Administrator that you have completed your review, but will be unable to submit it for approval during the regular cycle (1st – 6th of each month). The Pcard Administrator can submit your statement while you’re gone for final review by your approver.

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Who should I notify if I will be traveling and plan to use my Pcard outside the Midwest?

Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, you should notify both Wells Fargo and Macalester’s Pcard Administrator of your travel plans. This is especially important when traveling out of the country. Be prepared to provide the areas/countries to which you’ll be traveling and your dates of travel.

Wells Fargo: Notify in advance at 800-932-0036. (This phone number appears on the back of your Pcard.) Wells Fargo will monitor charges to your Pcard and contact the College to alert us to irregularities or verify the legitimacy of expenditures.

Macalester’s Pcard Administrator: Contact the Pcard Administrator, at  regarding your travel plans so that we can monitor your Pcard activity and, in particular, watch for purchase declines or other anomalies while you’re away.

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What billing phone number should I use when ordering online with my Pcard?

If your online order requires a telephone number that matches the billing address, use Macalester’s general switchboard number: 651-696-6000.

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Can I purchase computers with my Pcard?

No.  All computer purchases, including software and peripherals, are to be purchased through the Macalester College Information Technology Services (ITS) department.  Should you decide to purchase computing equipment with your Pcard, please be aware that your equipment will not be supported by ITS.

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If I have made a personal charge on my Pcard, how do I repay the College?

Making personal charges on your Pcard is not recommended, however, this does occasionally happen. You are able to repay the college by utilizing the OOP (out-of-pocket) option in Wells Fargo. Once you have signed in to Wells Fargo’s Pcard site, all you need to do is place a checkmark in the “Personal” column on your Wells Fargo statement. For specific instructions please refer to the Personal Transaction page under Cardholder Resources below.

Just like OOP reporting, which electronically reimburses you for out-of-pocket expenses, the “Personal” check mark tells Wells Fargo to electronically pull the funds from your designated personal bank account to pay Macalester College back. This is a very efficient, safe and secure way to process personal spending and out-of-pocket reimbursements.

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Cardholder Resources

Cardholder Resource Resource Link
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Approver Resources

Approver Resource Resource Link
Monthly review and approval of cardholder statements Pcard Statement Approval 
Monthly review and approval of out-of-pocket expense reimbursement requests Pcard Statement Approval— OOP

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