Policy, Guideline or Resource Primary Contact


Accounting Cheat Sheet (gDoc) Dave Berglund
Activity Codes (gDoc)

Go to File> Make a copy to create your own Activity Code key

Dave Berglund
Finance Expense Account Code Descriptions (gDoc) Tracy Arndt
Finance Revenue Account Code Descriptions (gDoc) Tracy Arndt
Commonly Used Account Codes (gDoc) Tracy Arndt
Equipment Sale/Donation/Disposal Dave Berglund
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Contracts, Purchasing and Discounts

How to Order Office Supplies Matt Rumpza
Standard Engagement Contracts Planning Checklist Matt Rumpza
When to use a Purchase Order Matt Rumpza
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions Matt Rumpza
Macalester College Sustainable Purchasing Guidelines Matt Rumpza
ACTC Consortium Contracts Matt Rumpza
ACTC Hotel Discounts Matt Rumpza
Car Rental Discounts (PDF) Matt Rumpza
E&I Consortium Contracts

Without logging in, any site visitor can use the navigation pane in the lower left corner to select a vendor and view an overview of the contract. Within the overview window, click on “Discount/How to Order” to see more details, contact info, and needed discount codes.

Matt Rumpza
Staples Advantage Quick Guide (PDF) Matt Rumpza
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Finance Systems Access and Approvals

Approver Responsibilities Aimee Baxter
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Tax and Taxation

Macalester College Minnesota Tax-Exempt Certificate (ST-3) (PDF) Patricia Langer
Macalester College W-9 (completed and signed) (PDF) Patricia Langer
Taxable Prize or Award/Gifts Policy to Macalester Students, Faculty, or Staff (gDoc) Patricia Langer
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Pcard Forms, Policies, Guidelines and Resources Matt Rumpza


Airfare Mileage Calculator Matt Rumpza
Business Purpose Description (gDoc) Matt Rumpza
Currency Codes by Country Matt Rumpza
Currency Conversion Calculator Matt Rumpza
Faculty Travel and Research Funds (FTR)
Reimbursable Travel Expenses Matt Rumpza
Travel Advance Request and Reporting Guidelines Matt Rumpza
Travel Expense Documentation Matt Rumpza
Grant Travel Policies, Guidelines and Resources Melissa Ketter
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Vendor Payments

Wire Transfer Guidelines Matt Rumpza
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