Activity Codes are optional, but can be used to further categorize spending within a FUND and an ORG.  Activity Codes can be added to a transaction when reconciling your Pcard, or when you provide a FOAPAL for an Invoice, Journal Entry, Check Request, Wire Transfer or Standard Engagement Agreement.

For example, add 1100 Activity Code to 100000-720040-700000-65-1100 to show that the expense was for an activity/event where you would like to keep track of all of the expenditures.  A blank key can be created by going to  Activity Codes (gDoc)  (choose ‘Make a Copy’, then edit).  This blank key has all of the available 4-digit codes available that can be assigned by those who manage the Fund / Org combination.   Each Fund / Org manager or monitor is responsible for knowing what each Activity Code represents.

If an Activity Code was added as a part of a FOAPAL (Fund-Org-Account-Program-Activity-Location), when an Invoice, Journal Entry, Check request, Wire Transfer, or Standard Engagement Agreement was requested, the Activity Code would appear in the Finance Report via Argos.    There is a report that is focused on Activity Codes (called the Activity Code Report) where one can search by the Activity Code.  Activity Codes are optional, therefore, transactions with an invalid activity code will be show a “no activity code” within Finance reporting.

Questions about Activity Codes?  Contact the Director of Accounting.