DescriptionQuicK Reference Resources
Access To gain access to Banner / Argos you must complete approval form and have it signed by your manager.   Banner Finance User Access, Authorizations, and Approval Limits
Banner Banner is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that Macalelster uses to link functions and share data between campus departments. Banner Finance is the financial information module. Macalester Financial System Overview
1600grand 1600 Grand is the gateway to many Macalester resources, including access to Banner Finance information.
Finance Self-Service Located on the Business Services tab of 1600 Grand. View Invoice details here.   
Argos Reporting interface to Banner. Easy interface and provides reports in PDF format to print, save or download.

Access to Argos Financial Reports - using Google Chrome, Firefox or IE


IT information on how to access Argos:
(Note: May request your Macalester log-in information.)