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Description Quick Reference Resources
Access to Finance Reports — Argos To gain access to Finance Reports, Argos, you must complete approval form and have it signed by your manager. Finance User Access, Authorizations, and Approval Limits (PDF)
Argos Reporting interface to Banner. Easy interface and provides reports in PDF format to print, save or download. Access to Argos Financial Reports— using Google Chrome, Firefox or IE  Go to Argos Reports

For Argos Resources

ITS information: ITS information about Argos access
(Will request your Macalester log-in)

1600grand 1600grand is the gateway to many Macalester resources, including access to Banner Finance information. 1600grand portal (Will require your Macalester log-in)
Banner Banner is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that Macalester uses to link functions and share data between campus departments. Banner Finance is the financial information module.
Finance Self-Service Located on the Business Services tab of 1600grand. View Invoice details here. Business Services on 1600grand
(Will require you Macalester log-in)

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Argos Financial Reporting Resources

For in-person individual or small group training, please contact Financial Systems Specialist, Aimee Baxter,  or 651-696-6696.

How Do I? Quick Reference Resources
Where can I find the information I need in Argos? Which Report to Use in Argos? (PDF)
Find out general information about how to access Argos and navigate? Financial Systems Reporting Quick Reference (PDF)
Where can I find what the FOAPAL means? When does the Fiscal year start and end? What are the document codes? What are the keys to the Accounting codes? Accounting Cheat Sheet (PDF)
Help me find my 100000 fund balance and transactions by Budget Year. Budget and Transaction Fiscal Year Bound Step-by-Step Guide
Help me find a transaction by date range for my 100000 fund (not bound by Budget year). Transaction by Date Range Step-by-Step Guide
Help me find a transaction by date range for my Grant. Grant Transaction by Date Range Step-by-Step Guide
How can I track my transactions between the purchase and when they appear in Argos/Banner? Gap Log (XLSX)
How do I create an offline financial chart to analyze my budget? Offline Financial Charts to Analyze Budget (PDF)

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Banner Financial Reporting

For in-person individual or small group training, please contact Financial Systems Specialist, Aimee Baxter, or 651-696-6696.

Description Quick Reference Resources
Budget Queries and Reports Via Banner Finance Self-Service — via Banner Self Service invoice detail can be looked up. Overview of Banner Finance Self Service Budget Queries (PDF)
Universal Look Up / View Document / History Via Banner Finance Self-Service — via Banner Self Service invoice detail can be looked up, if you have the invoice number — can be found via Argos or Banner Self-Service (see above). How to View Banner Document (PDF)

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Pcard Resources

Description Quick Reference Resources
Card Holder Monthly review and verification of Pcard charges, expense descriptions, FOAPAL’s, etc.

Distribute expense across multiple FOAPAL’s

Reporting use of Pcard for personal charges

Requesting reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses via your Pcard statement

Setting up direct deposit for out-of-pocket expense reimbursements

Verification of single transaction and monthly credit limits and Available Credit

Creating transaction reports to view, print, or download to Excel

Pcard Statement Review  (PDF)

Split Transaction (PDF)

Personal Expense Reporting (PDF)

Submitting Out-of-Pocket (PDF)

Enter banking information for direct deposit of OOP expenses (PDF)

Cardholder Limits Verification (PDF)

Transaction Report (PDF)

Approver Monthly review and approval of cardholder statements

Monthly review and approval of out-of-pocket expense reimbursement requests

Pcard Statement Approval (PDF)

Approve Out-of-Pocket Expenses (PDF)

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Marketplace Resources

Description Quick Reference Resources
Website TouchNet Marketplace is a tool to securely collect online payments. “uStores” can be used to process event registrations, sell merchandise, offer concert tickets, etc. See the Marketplace website for more info. Go to more information about Marketplace

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Grants Accounting Resources

Description Quick Reference Resources
Website The Grants Accounting website connects Principal Investigators (PI’s) and Project Directors (PD’s), and administrators involved in grant financial management with many valuable tools and resources. Macalester Grants Accounting

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