For… Primary Contact Back-up


FOAPAL set-up Dave Berglund
Grants Melissa Ketter
Endowment fund balances and spend accounts Dave Berglund Dave Berglund
Buildings and equipment Tracy Arndt Dave Berglund
Construction projects Dave Berglund
Fund balances Tracy Arndt Dave Berglund
Specific transactions in Banner Lorin Mustafa Dave Berglund
Credit card transactions in Banner Tracy Arndt
Journal Entry (JE) prep and/or status Lorin Mustafa Dave Berglund
Fiscal year-end accounting questions Dave Berglund Tracy Arndt
Argos inquiries Dave Berglund Tracy Arndt


Payroll related questions Tanya Weeber Alicia Walk

Purchasing Card (Pcard)

Lost or stolen Pcards Call Wells Fargo
Changes to Pcard limits Jackie Jones
New Pcard requests Jackie Jones
Pcard training Jackie Jones
Pcard reporting envelopes Jackie Jones
Monthly statement review and/or approval Jackie Jones
Notification of Pcard use while travelling Jackie Jones

Purchasing and Payment

Timing of payment requests and check runs Michelle Bitney Matt Rumpza
Fiscal year-end expense questions Matt Rumpza Matt Rumpza
Consortium contracts and discounts Matt Rumpza
Help with RFP’s and RFI’s Matt Rumpza
Contract review requests Matt Rumpza
Sustainable purchasing practices Matt Rumpza
International travel reimbursement requests Matt Rumpza Matt Rumpza
Purchase Order (PO) entry and approval Michelle Bitney Matt Rumpza


Budget vs Actual status and remaining balance Dave Berglund
Budget transfer requests Dave Berglund
TEM expenditures and balances Dave Berglund

Risk Management / Insurance

Reports of accidents, thefts and other claims Dave Berglund
Requests for certificates of insurance Dave Berglund

Financial System Access / User Privileges

Finance user access Aimee Baxter Dave Berglund
Argos user access Tracy Arndt Dave Berglund


Financial Systems Training (Argos) Aimee Baxter
Purchasing training Matt Rumpza
Pcard Training Jackie Jones

Taking Payments

Marketplace – online payments Aimee Baxter
In-Person Payments Aimee Baxter