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Staff Technology Checklist

Top Tips for a New Employee

1. Initialize your official Macalester College account
About 10 days prior to your start date, new staff are sent instructions on how to initialize their official Macalester account. This email is sent to your personal email address.

2. Sign into your Macalester email account and turn on Google 2-Step Verification
Follow the enroll prompts from Google to get started with 2-Step verification. You also need a backup 2-Step option when your phone is unavailable. Save and/or print 10 one-time-use Google 2-Step Verification backup codes.You’ll get 2 weeks after your first Google/email account login to turn on Google 2-Step Verification. If you miss the 2-week grace period, your account be locked out and will need to contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance.

3. Set up Duo Mobile app for 1600grand
The very first time you log into 1600grand, Duo Mobile 2-factor authentication is required. Follow the instructions in our Duo Mobile Setup Guide to get ready to use the Duo Mobile app to securely log in.

4. Claim your Zoom Meeting & Zoom Phone license
Macalester uses Zoom for video conferencing and for phone service. Use your Macalester Username and Password (not just the email address) to properly set up your Zoom Meeting and Zoom Phone account with our site license. Follow these instructions to learn how to sign in with SSO to set up your Zoom account.

✓ Know how to contact ITS for technology help

Contact the ITS Help Desk for technology assistance. Check out our Self Service Portal to search our knowledge base for answers, chat, submit a ticket to ask for help. | [email protected] | 651-696-6525

✓ Forgot your password?

You can reset it yourself with our self-service password reset tool. Just go to and click Forgot Password.

How to reset a forgotten Macalester password | password rules

✓ Staff may request preferred name change (optional)

Macalester systems will use your preferred name as the system’s display name, like email, Zoom profile and our online directory. Staff may request their preferred name be changed to something other than their legal name by submitting the Employee Personal Information Update Form (gform) or contact Employment Services directly at [email protected]. Once the request is submitted to update your preferred name, it may take several days for the update to migrate to Macalester systems.

✓ Read email

Check your email often! Employment Services, Facilities Services, Communications & Marketing, and ITS are just a few of the departments on campus, not to mention your colleagues, that send vital information to your inbox. | Gmail app (Google Play) | Gmail app (App Store – Apple)

✓ Follow the Google Workspace Checklist for new users

Welcome to Google Workspace. To set up your new work space on your first day, complete the Day 1 Google Workspace Checklist. The Google Workspace Welcome Center offers resources and a roadmap for users to get to know G Suite. This Center contains details on the Learning Center, help guides for each app, switching guides, our new Sheets Coursera course, and more.

✓ Set up your VPN Account for working remotely

Do you need to access services like G & H Drives, Argos, and OnBase from home? Use VPN for off-campus connections. Follow the appropriate guide:  VPN & Duo Mobile setup guide macOS (gdoc) or VPN & Duo Mobile setup guide Windows (gdoc).

✓ Review computer hardware and software needs with supervisor

Staff positions that require a computer will be provided with one. The Computer Replacement Fund, managed by ITS, is set up to replace computers about once every four years. Tenure-track faculty usually have start-up funds with which to purchase a computer.

✓ Connect your device to eduroam – wifi

Connect your device to eduroam, a free global wifi roaming service that works on campus and at participating institutions. Check out the connection guides for your device. eduoram connection guides

✓ Request access to WordPress (website editor)

You may be responsible for editing your department’s website. Instructions on how to request an account and self-paced training options are included on Communications & Marketing’s Web Training and Resources page.

✓ Request access to ITS applications

As a Macalester College staff member, you may require access to Argos, Banner and other enterprise systems. You and your supervisor will work with ITS to get you the access needed.

✓ Scan your MacPass at any multifunction to set up your uniFLOW printing account

Most departments have a multifunction device for printing, scanning and copying. To get access to MacPrint, just scan your MacPass at any multifunction device and enter your Macalester username and password.

✓ Download MS Office on personally owned computer (optional)

In addition to MS Office being installed on all college-owned computers, the full version is available to staff (25% FTE or above are eligible) at no cost as part of our Microsoft volume licensing agreement.  Microsoft Office for Windows (gdoc) | Microsoft Office for macOS (gdoc)

✓ Confirm access to G & H shared drives

Faculty and staff get access to shared drives upon account creation, but not all departments use them. Windows users go to My Computer. Mac OS users go to Finder > Go > Connect to server > smb:// server. Use the G drive to share files within a group/department; use the H drive to store personal files. Files stored on the shared drives are backed up nightly. 

✓ Your email is subscribed to Staff announce and Mac Daily Google Groups

Your Macalester email address will automatically be added to our Staff announce and Mac Daily Google Groups. Watch your inbox for the latest message or view an archive at

✓ ITS & Google workshop invite is on the way!

An ITS staff member will invite you to our ITS & Google Workshop, usually during your first week of work.

For Supervisor

✓ Let ITS know the technology needs of your new hire

Complete Employee Adds, Moves, and Changes and upon submission, an ITS Help Desk ticket will be created and we will start the process of preparing a computer for your new hire.

✓ Determine hardware and software needs

Supervisors should always contact ITS about their new employee’s technology needs. Part-time staff sometimes share office space and computers. ITS can work with departments to order computers and software not covered under current site-wide license agreements. Faculty (tenure-track and non-tenure-track) should contact their AIA for hardware needs.

✓ Macalester accounts for new staff

Once all onboarding paperwork has been completed by the new hire, an automated process will create a Macalester account. Up to 10 days prior to their official start date, the new hire is sent an email message to their personal email address with instructions on how to initiate their Macalester account. If there are questions about the status of the Macalester account, check to see if the new hire has completed the necessary paperwork or contact [email protected].

✓ Confirm access to department shared drive folders

Access to a department’s share drive or G Drive is automatically granted during the account creation process. Should a new hire require access to a shared drive located outside of their department, send an email to [email protected] to request it, include the name of the shared drive and new hire. 

✓ Request access to ITS application systems

Submit the ITS Application Request form to request access to the following ITS managed software: 1600grand tab, AD group, Argos / Banner, Automic, OnBase, PandaDoc, Student 360, Web Time Entry (WTE). Your request will be shared with the relevant college department for approval.

✓ Confirm membership on department Moodle Groups and Google Groups

Faculty and staff will be automatically subscribed to appropriate Google Groups, including the [email protected] Inclusion to department-wide Groups and Moodlegroups may be necessary. |

✓ Contact Employment Services to let them know the phone number and office location of your new hire

The building, room, phone number, department and job title published on the college online directory comes directly from Banner. Contact Employment Services at [email protected] to let them know the contact information of your new hire. 

✓ Refer new employee to New Employee Checklist

Share this page with your new employee. It’s a great way to get started with technology at Macalester!

✓ Need technology assistance?

Contact the ITS Help Desk should you need assistance with any of the above items at [email protected] or 651-696-6525.