The purpose of this policy guideline is to define the responsibilities of Department Chairs, Line Officers and Department Managers who approve departmental budgets and financial transactions.

Responsibilities include:


  • Journal entries
  • Purchase requisitions
  • Pcard expenditures
  • Petty cash reimbursements
  • Payable invoices
  • Employee reimbursements
  • Standard engagement contracts
  • Travel expenses
  • Deposits (cash, credit card and checks)

Tracking budget

Verifying debarred vendors are not engaged when procuring equipment over $25,000 when spending funds from federal grants (Grant PI’s only)

Approving includes verifying:

  • Expenditure is appropriate
  • Money is available in budget
  • Correct FOAPAL, paying close attention to account code
  • Original receipts and documentation are attached
  • Original invoices (not copies) are submitted for payment
  • Forms are complete and valid descriptions are included
  • Refer to IRS pub 463 for travel & entertainment reporting

Tracking budget includes:

  • Reviewing budget reports
  • Investigating unknown transactions
  • Initiating journal entries for corrections and/or funds transfer
Guidelines for Designated Approval Levels by Dollar Amount and Job Title

  • Academic Coordinator
  • Administrative Assistant

  • Academic Chair
  • Administrative Specialist

  • Administrative Manager
  • Administrative Supervisor

  • Assistant Director or Director
  • Assistant V.P.

If you need to change your access and approval complete the Finance Access & Approval form.

U: 5/2022