Typically, each department or office has a point of contact who is responsible for ordering the office supplies for the group. If your department does not have a point of contact to order office supplies, you may request to sign up for your own Staples/Macalester account using your Pcard to make your purchases. To request a Staples account, please email Michael Ruddy at Staples at . If you have any questions about Office Products Procurement, please contact Matt Rumpza.

Please keep in mind:
  • There is a minimum order of $50
  • There is an online catalog and you can receive a free printed catalog with your first order
  • Staples is Macalester’s preferred vendor
  • If you cannot find what you are looking for in the Staples catalog, Office MAX is also a Macalester vendor
  • Your default FOAPAL may be set in the Staples system.    This information does not impact the FOAPAL what Pcard reconciliation will use.    When approving your Pcard, enter the FOAPAL where the office supplies should be charged.
  • If you would like to check the Staples Catalog, but do not have a Staples log on, check with one of the department contacts within the college.

Order.StaplesAdvantage.com is the Staples website for ordering office products.  Once you are logged in, Staples Customer Service (found in the upper right of the screen) includes a “Staples Advantage Training Tour”, “FAQ”, and other helpful ordering tips.

Staples Advantage Quick Guide (PDF) can help you navigate the Staples office supply ordering website.