The purpose of this policy is to explain Macalester’s use of purchase orders to procure goods or services.

Purchase orders are not required by the college but may be used for major purchases.  The use of purchase orders creates an additional level of safety for the college, departments and employees in regards to liability, negotiating and leveraging with the vendor.  If a you would like to issue a purchase order, or a vendor requires a purchase order, email [email protected] with the vendor’s quote, FOAPAL and proof of approval by a college employee authorized to spend from that FOAPAL.

Major Purchase Examples Non-Major Purchase Examples
(Consider using a Purchase Order) (Consider using a Pcard)
Vehicles Office supplies
Building projects Conference fees
Services under contract Food and catering
Furniture and office equipment Instruction/lab supplies
Computer hardware and software Minor equipment
Electrical and mechanical equipment Travel expenses; air, hotel, taxi, meals