Macalester College has an approval process that requires employees with an appropriate Finance approval level to review and approve:
  • Invoice Payments, Check Requests, Journal Entries (JEs), and Standard Engagement Contracts (SECs).   
  • Pcard transactions

The diagrams below further explain the approval levels:


Finance Approval Levels

Approvals for Accounts Payable:   

Invoice Payments, Check Requests, Journal Entries (JEs), Standard Engagement Contract (SEC)

Pcard Ladder

If amount to pay is greater than your approval level,
include the approvers up to the amount in any submission of
Invoice Payments, Check Requests,
Journal Entries (JEs), Standard Engagement Contract (SEC).

You can find your Accounts Payable approval level:

Finance Approval Look-Up Tool  to look up who will need to approve the expenditure OR

If you have access to Finance Reports via Argos go to > My Finance Access and Approval report OR



Pcard Approval Levels

Standard approval level
$2,000 per single transaction
$5,000 monthly limit

Pcard Ladder

Budget Manager/
Supervisor review all expenditures

Some may have different limits.

You can find your Pcard limits by:

Go to How to check Pcard Limits for directions on how to check limits.

To temporarily increase your limit(s),
contact and copy (CC:) your Pcard Approver