The Finance Approval Look-up Tool is available to anyone with Macalester College credentials to help determine who has finance approval for a Fund/ Org (Budget) on Campus.  

Tips to use the tool

  • You may need to open with an Incognito (Chrome) or Private (Firefox) tab if you receive the error message, “User has insufficient permissions to execute “Argos Web API.AP Approver Lookup Tool – New“”
  • If looking for an operating/program budget (FUND=100000) you will need to know the six-digit ORG number to see approval rights and amounts.
  • If looking for a FUND (other than 100000 or 125XXX) , you will need to know the six-digit FUND number to see the approval rights and amounts.
See Macalester Finance Approvals Explained for information about Macalester College’s approval process.


Please contact Accounts Payable at with any questions.