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Each month approvers are required to log onto the Wells Fargo Commercial Card Expense Reporting site and approve or deny the prior month’s charges for their assigned cardholders. During the 1st through 6th days of the month cardholders, add descriptions for each charge, update any FOAPAL information, and submit their statement electronically to their approver. During the 7th-10th days of the month the approvers, review the submitted statements and adjust descriptions, personal charges, and FOAPAL information as necessary.

To Log onto Wells Fargo follow the Commercial sign on link or go to
Enter in the Company ID: Macal196, Your User ID, and Password
Then click “Sign On”

Pcard Statement Approval Sign ON

From this CEO home page click on “Commercial Card Expense Reporting” to approve your assigned Pcard Statements

Pcard Statement Approval Commercial Expense Reporting

In the Approver role during the first part of the month the default is set to approve statements. Select the radio icon next to any name and click “View”. Note that depending on the number of cards you approve you might have more than one page of names.

This main screen also shows the status (Open, Cardholder Reviewed, and Approved) of the cardholders’ statement. You can sort your list of cardholders by clicking on any of the red column headers. If the cardholder reviews and submits the statement early (before the 6th day of the month) you can approve their statement early. However, if the cardholder doesn’t have a chance to review and submit their statement by the 6th their status will still show as Open. After the 6th the cardholder only has access to update descriptions. It is then up to you, to update and necessary information.

Pcard Statement Approval - Approve Statements


Each individual’s statement operates almost the exact same way as if you were reviewing your own Pcard statement.

Pcard Statement Approval Individual

Your role is to verify that each transaction has an appropriate account code (general ledger code), FOAPAL, and description. You should also have the cardholders white Pcard envelope that you can use to verify transactions. Receipts should be in the same transaction order as listed on the statement. They can be clipped or stapled together behind the statement. Sometimes Amazon or Staples receipts print in a different order than how they post on the statement. If this happens, mark the transaction number from the statement by the total on the receipt.

All transactions over $50 must have receipts. If any transaction over $50 is missing a receipt, the Missing Receipt Declaration form must be filled out and submitted with the Pcard envelope.  The form can be found on the Business Services forms page ( under Employee Reimbursements. For federal grants, all receipts must be submitted, regardless of dollar amount.

Verify that the cardholder checked the “Receipt Submitted” box for each transaction. If a receipt is missing, do not check the box.

Pcard Statement Approval Receipt Submitted

To update any transaction select the box next to the transaction number or click “Select All” and then “Reclassify.”

Pcard Statement Approval Reclassify

Each transaction needs a description and FOAPAL code. The Pcard is created with a default FUND, ORGANIZATION, and PROGRAM code. The ACCOUNT or General Ledger code switches based on the category of purchase. Wells Fargo is linked with Macalester’s accounting structure to select the appropriate Account code. However, it is not always correct.

To update the Account (General Ledger Code), first click the X by the incorrect code.

This automatically turns the incorrect code into a “small magnifying glass” that when clicked brings up an Account code menu.

Pcard Statement Approval GL Code lookup

Select the most appropriate “Account Code” (General Ledger Code) from the pop-up menu.

You can update the FUND, ORG (Organization), PROGRAM, ACTIVITY, and LOCATION codes by clicking in each box and retyping the appropriate code.  Review or edit the “Description”

Pcard Statement Approval Description

The description should provide a clear business purpose for the transaction. Descriptions do not have to be long or full sentences.
Good Examples:
Lunch with J. Smith about reunion 2018
Donor meeting with J. Smith class of ‘72
Breakfast bagels for staff meeting
J. Smith Flight on 8/24/17 to AAA conference
J. Smith AAA conference registration (8/15-8/18)
Standard office supplies – pens, post it notes, paper, ect.
Test tubes for J. Smith Research Grant
Gift Card for student worker, J. Smith – end of year thank you
Personal Charge – used wrong card

If needed you can Split a transaction between multiple FOAPAL’s.

To Split a transaction, select the transaction and click Split & Reclassify

Pcard Statement Approval Split and Reclassify

For each part of the split, select the “account code” (general ledger code) from the menu located in the magnifying glass, the “amount”, and “description.” You may have to overwrite the “Fund”, “Organization”, and “Program” codes. You can also add more splits. Split transactions can used to split the cost between two or more FOAPAL codes. It is also helpful when only part of a charge is personal. In this case, only select the personal box on the amount that you are reimbursing Macalester. When finished click “Save” and “Return to Charges.”

Pcard Statement Approval Split and Reclassify

If necessary, you can mark a charge as “Personal.” By checking the personal box, Wells Fargo will automatically withdraw the funds from the cardholder’s personal account and reimburse Macalester around the 14th of the month when the statement closes. They will receive an email from Wells Fargo with the total amount to be withdrawn.

It is helpful for the program administrator if the description for a personal charge starts with ‘Personal Expense-…’

Pcard Statement Approval Personal Expenses

The financial auditors prefer to have receipts for all transactions including personal expenses however, they are not mandatory.

If any changes were made click, “Save”. When all transactions are complete, click “Approve Statement.”

Pcard Statement Approval - Approve Statement

Another box will appear, click “OK”

A confirmation box will appear, and you can return to other open statements to approve additional cards.
Pcard Statement Approval - confirmation statement

It is important to check if the cardholder has added Out of Pocket Expenses. This tab has its own editing and approval functions. You can select individual transactions to approve or decline. You can also approve the entire statement. If these Out of Pocket transaction are not approved during the same month as they are added by the cardholder they will list as pending approval each month until a decision is made. Unless the transactions are approved the cardholder will not be reimbursed.

If any changes were made click, “Save”. When all transactions are complete, click “Approve Statement”.

Pcard Statement Approval - Approve Statement

Another box will appear, click “OK”

When you return to your list of cardholders the status of the card will have updated to Approved instead of Cardholder Reviewed or Open. However, the status only reflects the charges statement. You must look at the individual Out of Pocket expenses to verify the status.

When finished,  follow the e-Envelope for Pcard Statement and Receipts to submit the completed Pcard Reconcilation.
Please contact the Pcard Administrator with any additional questions Pcard Administrator.