Macalester Pcard User Agreement

My Macalester Purchasing Card (Pcard) is provided based on my need to operate on a daily basis and to purchase materials for Macalester College. I understand this is not an entitlement nor reflective of my title or position. My Pcard may be revoked at any time without my permission.  By accepting the Pcard,  I will comply with Macalester College policies and policy guidelines, which can be found on the Business Services webpage. 

This agreement indicates I understand that: 

  1. My purchases with the card create a financial commitment on behalf of Macalester College.
  2. Striving to obtain the best value for Macalester College will be exercised for all purchases.
  3. Adherence to Macalester College policies and policy guidelines will be followed.
  4. Failure to follow the College’s policies is considered a misappropriation of Macalester College funds.
  5. Audits will be performed by Business Services and monitored for compliance to College policies.
  6. The Pcard is issued in my name and I am responsible for any and all charges against the Pcard, regardless of whether they are made by me or by another individual I authorize to use my Pcard.  I will inform other individuals I authorize to use my Pcard that they must notify me of all purchases, obtain receipts, and provide a description of their purchases.  I will collect all receipts and submit them with my monthly statement review. If an authorized user doesn’t follow these policies, I will revoke their privilege.
  7. I am not financially responsible for payment nor is my personal credit rating affected by having a Macalester College Pcard issued in my name.
  8. All purchases are to be delivered to a Macalester College location.
  9. I will receive a monthly statement, which will report all purchasing activity during the statement period via the Pcard e-Envelope submission.   I will reconcile the statement each month, make any coding changes to the expenses as needed, and resolve any discrepancies by either contacting the merchant or Wells Fargo bank myself.
  10. Personal charges on my Pcard are considered misappropriation of Macalester College funds and will result in corrective action, up to and including termination of employment.
  11. Should I use the Pcard for personal purchases, Macalester College shall have the right to collect any amounts owed, including but not limited to charges incurred from collection agencies, internal administration costs, court costs, etc. Said funds will be deducted from my paycheck and the laws of the State of Minnesota shall govern the enforceability of deductions.
  12. I will surrender the Pcard immediately upon termination of employment, whether for retirement, voluntary, or involuntary reasons.
  13. I will regularly monitor my account for fraudulent activity, including during time periods I’m not making any purchases. I will sign up for fraud alerts and respond to them as soon as possible. If I notice a transaction in my account that I don’t recognize, I will consider first whether I authorized another person to use my Pcard and collect any applicable information from them.
  14. If my Pcard is stolen or lost, I will make every effort to immediately notify Wells Fargo bank within one (1) hour from the time of theft or upon realization of losing my Pcard, by calling 800-932-0036. After I have reported the loss of my Pcard, I will notify the Macalester College Pcard Administrator by emailing [email protected].
  15. Macalester College is liable for ALL charges that occur from the time a Pcard is lost or stolen until the time the loss is reported to Wells Fargo. Therefore, I understand that if I do not notify Wells Fargo bank immediately within one (1) hour from time of theft/loss by calling 800-932-0036, my department may be held liable for the fraud activity.

Please contact the Pcard Administrator at [email protected] or (651) 696-6558 with any questions.