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11 Steps to Health-wise Travel

  1. Learn about your destination. Type of accommodations, food and water preparation, type of geographical areas you’ll visit, medical service available. Visit the CDC.
  2. Have a dental check-up and complete medical examination. Macalester Health & Wellness Center DOES offer physicals—call us to schedule and have the forms required by your program ready for use.
  3. Get appropriate immunizations for your destination and make sure all standard immunizations are up to date. The CDC website will inform you of recommendations for your destination. Obtain an International Certificate of Vaccination or Yellow Card and keep it with your passport. Note that some shots must be taken eight weeks or more in advance. Travel clinics are busy and you should plan on a 4 to 6 week wait for an appointment, so calling three months in advance will ensure proper timing of vaccination.
  4. Visit a travel clinic. For those of you traveling almost anywhere but Western Europe, a visit to a travel clinic will be beneficial, (if not required) to get the immunizations and information you need. MN Department of Health— Travel Clinic Metro Locations
  5. Arrange for an adequate supply of your prescription medication. Bring a copy of your prescription in case you lose your supply.
  6. Obtain a medical alert bracelet for medical conditions such as diabetes or drug allergies.
  7. Purchase an extra pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses and sunglasses – bring a copy of your glasses prescription.
  8. Obtain a directory of English-speaking physicians, particularly if you have a chronic health concern.
  9. Prepare a first-aid travel kit especially if traveling long-term or off the usual tourist routes.
  10. Check your health insurance for international coverage.
  11. Buy additional health/accident travel insurance. Ensure you’re covered for any current health condition. Travel insurance and assistance resource information may be found on our travel insurance web page.