For Life-Threatening Emergencies, CALL 911

Macalester Resources

Macalester Security
Be prepared to give your name, describe the situation and provide contact information. Security can also connect you with other campus response personnel. Security is the best place to start for issues of personal safety.

Your RA or the RA on duty
Telephone numbers are posted on the door of your residence hall office. RAs have special training to deal with personal and community concerns.

Resident Hall Director (RHD) on duty
There is always an RHD on duty – you may reach the RHD on duty through calling Security or RA on call.

Macalester EMS
Macalester has nationally-certified student EMTs on call Friday nights (11pm – 3am)and Saturday nights (11pm – 3am)They will respond to health-related emergencies via calls to Macalester Security (651-696-6555) or the RHD on duty.

Phone Resources

24/7 Telephonic Mental Health Counseling – ProtoCall
To speak to a mental health counselor after hours, simply call the Hamre Center for Health & Wellness phone number: (651) 696-6275. Then press “2” and you will be connected to ProtoCall, a free phone counseling service that Macalester provides for students.

Students with United Healthcare Student Resources Insurance:
You have 24/7 access to medical advice through HealthiestYou, a national telehealth service.  By calling the toll-free number listed on the front of your health insurance card or visiting you have access to board-certified physicians via phone and/or video, where permitted.  This service is especially helpful for minor illness.  Based on the condition being treated, the doctor can also prescribe medications if needed.  This can save you money and time, while avoiding costly trips to a doctor’s office, urgent care, or emergency room. As an insured with StudentResources, there is no fee for this service; every call is covered 100% during your policy period.  Students who have different insurance can use this service however there is a $40 charge for each medical service charged by the provider.

Nurse Care Lines
Most insurance companies offer a nurse care line option – check on the back of your insurance card for the telephone number. You can usually talk with a provider who can help determine if you should seek immediate medical care.

Local Hospitals

These are the hospitals that are closest to Macalester, both of which have emergency rooms:

Regions Hospital – Emergency Room
640 Jackson Street, St. Paul, MN
St. Paul, MN
For both medical and mental health emergencies
Directions via Google maps

United Hospital
333 North Smith Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55102
Directions via Google maps

The Urgency Room

Urgency care delivers fast, high-quality emergency care in a convenient out-of-hospital environment. Unlike the ER, the Urgency Room is an outpatient facility with no inpatient or overnight rooms available. The Urgency Room has a high-complexity lab, x-ray machine, CT scanner, ultrasound machines all onsite to allow for treatment of acute injuries that surpass the abilities of a standard urgent care. For insurance questions refer to their website. Open 7 days a week 8am to 10pm, including holidays. Advantage: Generally much shorter wait to be seen than in hospital ER. Disadvantage: location makes it most readily accessed by car and if you were to need hospitalization, you would need to transfer to a different provider/location.

Urgency Room
3010 Denmark Ave
Eagan, MN, 55121
Directions via Google maps

Urgent Care Clinics

You should call ahead to clarify that your insurance will be accepted and, particularly in the case of influenza symptoms or other communicable disease concerns, if they have special instructions. Check to make sure they are open – some are closed on holidays.

Fairview Urgent Care
2155 Ford Parkway
St. Paul, MN 55116
The clinic is located in the Highland Village area south of campus (about 2 miles).
Directions via Google maps

Health Partners Urgent Care Clinic
2500 Como Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108
Directions via Google maps

Allina Health Urgent Care – Bandana Square

1021 Bandana Blvd E
First floor
St. Paul, MN 55108
Get directions

Urgent care facilities are to be utilized when the Hamre Center for Health & Wellness is closed and you believe the medical condition is severe enough that it cannot wait. If the Urgent Care facility is not open, contact a hospital emergency room.

The odds are good that at some point during the year you will feel REALLY sick over the weekend or at night when the Hamre Center for Health & Wellness is closed. Who can you call to get some advice and determine if you need to be seen by a doctor? Where can you go to be seen outside of an emergency room? Where is an emergency room?

First determine how urgent it is. Most of the time, symptoms indicate that you can probably wait until a provider is open or you can go to urgent care and you won’t need the ER. While the ER is THE place to go for life-threatening emergencies or middle-of-the-night urgent situations, students are encouraged to consider other options first. A visit to an ER for non-urgent situations can translate into many hours in the waiting room and hundreds of dollars.

Examples of Urgent Conditions

  • Severe pain (chest, abdomen, head or ear), especially with fever
  • Asthma (when not responding to usual medication)
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Possible fracture or dislocation
  • Laceration (a cut requiring stitches)
  • Major bee sting reaction – hives wheezing, or swelling (e.g. whole arm or leg swells)
  • Persistent thoughts about committing harm to self or others
  • Severe diarrhea and vomiting – dehydration
  • Fever of 103F+ sustained

Examples of life-threatening conditions include

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Major injury (e.g. open chest wound with trouble breathing; spinal or neck injury with loss of responsiveness)
  • Unconscious or minimally responsive (e.g. drug or alcohol overdose)
  • Convulsion that will not stop

In case of a life-threatening emergency, call 911! Remember, this is not for sore throats, nausea, or a light fever, unless you are concerned that it is indicative of a more severe, life-threatening situation. If you call 911 from a cell phone while on campus, be sure to call Security at 651-696-6555 as well to let them know so that they can assist the ambulance. There is no charge for the EMT to come but if you are transported in an ambulance, there is a significant fee that your insurance may not cover, depending on your insurance. But if it is an emergency, call!

What to do:

  • Call the Urgent Care center/Emergency Room first
  • As soon as you arrive, indicate why you think it’s urgent
  • State the main problem first
  • Report any past experience with the problem
  • Bring any medications you have taken for the problem

Paying for Emergency Visits: Macalester College does not cover visits to the emergency room; those are billed to your insurance company.

If you need treatment and do not have transportation, contact your RA/CA, the hall director on duty, or Security. Macalester can provide transportation options for students (usually a ride service such as Lyft or Uber) if needed.

If you are looking for health information, reference some of the self-care provided at a reputable website such the one at the Mayo Clinic

Target Clinic/Pharmacy
1300 University Ave W
Saint Paul, MN 55104
Directions via Google maps

CVS Clinic/Pharmacy
1040 Grand Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105
Directions via Google maps

These clinics see common concerns such as sore throats, bladder infections, etc. Check the web page for more details and directions to the site, as well as insurance information.

Parkway Family Physicians
721 Snelling Avenue S.
St. Paul, MN 55105
Directions via Google maps

HealthEast Grand
870 Grand Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55104
Directions via Google maps

Fairview Clinic – Highland Park
2155 Ford Parkway
St. Paul, MN 55116
Directions via Google maps

Family Tree Clinic
1619 Dayton Avenue
St Paul, MN 55105
Family Tree Clinic now provides minor illness care.
Directions via Google maps

Family Tree Clinic
1619 Dayton Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105
Emergency Contraception Resources press #1
Directions via Google maps

Planned Parenthood
671 Vandalia Street
St. Paul, MN 55114
Directions via Google maps

Sexual Offense Services (S.O.S.)
Public Health Center
555 Cedar St
St. Paul, MN 55101
Directions via Google maps

Provides direct services to victims of sexual assault including individual counseling as well as 24-hour information, referral, crisis phone service and hospital outreach and advocacy.

St. Paul Corner Drug

240 Snelling Avenue S
St. Paul, MN 55105
At the corner of St. Clair Avenue and Snelling Avenue; south east end of campus

Walgreen’s Pharmacy – 24 hours

1585 Randolph Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105
Transit directions via Google maps

CVS Pharmacy

30 Fairview Ave S.
St. Paul, MN 55105

CVS Pharmacy – 24 hours

499 Snelling Avenue No.
St. Paul, MN 55105
Transit directions via Google maps

The Hamre Center for Health & Wellness offers emergency support for students during office hours whenever school is in session. After hours, if you are having thoughts of harming yourself or are feeling dangerously out of control, you have several resources available to you. If residing on campus, we recommend you first contact your RA/CA or RHD who can help you determine the best option and facilitate your decision.

An additional resource for students with counseling needs is the 24/7 phone counseling service contracted through the HWC for all full-time enrolled Macalester students.  Simply call HWC at 651-696-6275 and press “2” when you reach the voice mail.

Consider going to the nearest emergency room or calling 911. The closest emergency room to campus is at Regions Hospital (651-254-1000), located at 640 Jackson Street in downtown St. Paul.

Here are some other steps students can take to help manage times of distress:

  • Identify the specific source or distress and write down and review positive strategies for responding to it.
  • Talk with a trusted family member, mentor, or friend.
  • Engage in activities that help you feel better (e.g. listening to relaxing music, exercising, walking, journaling, or doing a relaxation exercise).

Urgent Care for Adult Mental Health
24 hour/7 day mobile crisis team plus crisis phone support
Walk-in services available. Click link for times.
Located at 402 University Avenue, St. Paul

Walk-In Counseling Center  
Walk-in services are available at two Twin Cities sites including one in St. Paul. Click on the link above for locations and times.

Regions Hospital
Persons may present at the Emergency Center for crisis counseling, psychiatric assessment and possible admission for inpatient services. Call in advance of arrival when possible.
Located at 640 Jackson St., St. Paul

Sexual Offense Services
Public Health Center, 555 Cedar Street, St. Paul
Provides direct services to victims of sexual assault including individual counseling as well as 24-hour information, referral, crisis phone service and hospital outreach.

Hennepin Regional Poison Center
24-hour phone consults with pharmacists certified and trained in poison information