Field Changers Fellows Program

The Field Changers Fellows Program is a new Macalester initiative intended to provide a community and support for students in the humanities whom faculty have noted as having particular potential to transform their disciplinary field. Each year, Macalester selects up to four talented sophomores to participate in the program. Macalester’s first cohort of Field Changers includes:

  • Monte Ebbesen, Philosophy
  • Shaherazade Khan, Geology; Classical Mediterranean and the Middle East (Classical Archaeology)
  • Biibi Muse, American Studies, International Studies
  • Max Weiher, Chinese, Computer Science

During fall and spring semesters, Fellows will convene regularly to discuss issues of diversity and equity in the humanities; attend fall and spring colloquia featuring faculty, alumni and outside speakers offering advice about how to challenge disciplinary norms; and receive guidance about applying to graduate school, including funding for a GRE preparatory course and the GRE exam.

For more information on how to apply, please contact:
Karin Vélez (
Ruth Janisch (