As a working artist, I am concerned about the influence of AI generated art on the value of creative labor. In this piece I hope to convey the human labor inherent even in processes that may seem to be entirely automated. Every image that is produced through AI is based on hours of labor by unnamed artists which often goes unaccounted. The quilt top design in this illustration was generated by an AI art program but I composed the image and hand-cut the human forms out of paper.

Malini Basu (she/her) is currently pursuing an MFA at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in printmaking and textiles. She enjoys carving linoleum blocks, sewing, making & reading zines and going on walks. She received an undergraduate degree from Macalester College in Studio Art and Environmental Studies. 

Four people in grayscale sewing a rectangular grid colored with light pink, magenta, and lime green. A drone flies overhead.