General Information

The Social Sciences Institutional Review Board (SSIRB) operates as a subsidiary body and under the oversight of the Macalester Institutional Review Board.

SSIRB Information and Forms

Student Research Proposal Submission Deadlines


  • Third Wednesday of September
  • The day before fall break
  • First Friday after Thanksgiving break


  • Fourth Wednesday of the semester
  • The day before spring break
  • The third Thursday in April

Student Instructions for Using the SSIRB Google Form

Step 1: Create an initial draft

  1. Go to Student Research Proposal Form – Macalester Social Science Institutional Review Board 2018-19 Form (gform).
  2. Respond to all questions until you get to the Submit button. Don’t worry about not having prepared all your responses in advance. You will be able to edit your responses after you submit the form.
  3. Complete as many of the questions as you can, but you must get all the way to the final section and click Submit before the Google Form saves your draft (!).
  4. Enter temporary (placeholder) text for required questions to which you (currently) don’t have responses. You can come back to these responses later.
  5. Read carefully through the statements in several sections towards the end, which you are required to understand, acknowledge, and accept (checking the checkbox).
  6. Click the Submit button in the final section. This saves the information you just entered and automatically sends you an email containing all your responses, plus a Edit Response button/link

Step 2: Edit and refine your draft

  1. Go to your Mail account and locate the Google Form’s Response Receipt. HINT: It will be from
  2. Click the EDIT RESPONSE.
  3. Navigate through the Form: Refine, Edit, add the responses where needed.
  4. Make sure to navigate all the way to the end so you can click the Submit button, which is what saves the new information you entered.
  5. You will automatically receive another Google Form Response Receipt email with the revised/updated version of the proposal.

Step 3: Share your proposal with your Faculty Advisor

  1. Forward the Google Form Response Receipt email containing the most recent draft of your proposal for your Faculty Advisor to review and provide feedback.
  2. Revise your proposal based on your Faculty Advisor’s feedback.
  3. Once again, locate the Google Form Response Receipt email and click the Edit Response.
  4. Enter your revisions and or additions.
  5. Click Submit to save.

Step 4: Complete and upload the Faculty Advisor Signature page to the Form

  1. Download and complete the Social Science Institutional Review Form Faculty Signature Page (PDF).
  2. Have your Faculty Advisor sign the page.
  3. Create a digital copy of the Faculty Advisor Signature Page by scan or digital photo.
  4. Upload a copy of the completed and signed Social Science Institutional Review Form Faculty Signature Page digital copy in the corresponding section of the form.

Step 5: Submit final version by the deadline

Submit a final version of your proposal no later than Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 11:59 PM.

Application Review Schedule

Please note that the SSIRB does not review submissions on a rolling basis nor review applications during the winter and summer breaks.

SSIRB Contact Information
Olga Gonzalez
Associate Professor, Anthropology Department
Director of Latin American Studies Program
Chair, SSIRB